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Oct 12, 2008

Stained Glass Cinema #11

Adam Ross is on the board, getting Extreme Measures (not to be confused with Desperate Measures) last time we played this game. And all with no help from me. Congrats, Adam.

With me being out of town until Tuesday - I'm up in the Great Pacific Northwest helping my grandfather celebrate his 90th birthday (!) - I leave you with your latest challenge. Take your time getting it, waiting for me to return, mock you, and then give hints, if need be.

Jason/Daniel - 3
Steel11Kane - 1
TonyD - 1
Evan Derrick - 1
Luke Harrington - 1
Rachel - 1
Adam Ross - 1
Fletch - 1 (meaning I stumped you)

13 people have chosen wisely: on "Stained Glass Cinema #11"

Anders said...

That wouldn't happen to be
"The World Is Not Enough"??

BD79 said...

I'm going to go with Point of No Return

EVIL CLOWN said...

What the?

I don't have the slightest idea.

Fox said...

I don't know what this is and it's annoying me and I wish Fletch would get back and HELP US OUT!!!

Fletch said...

Negative, ghost rider, on all counts.

Here's your first hint: I share a name with one of the supporting actors.

Jason Soto said...

Love Potion No. 9!


Fletch said...

Well done, Jason. Was it my hint that gave it away, or did you know it on already? Remember, admitting that you previously knew it means that you're way too familiar with a crappy Sandra Bullock-Tate Donovan flick. Proceed with caution...

Jason Soto said...

Dude, I'm the bad movie guy. Come on!

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

Drat and double drat...I've seen Love Potion #9 but was denied.

elgringo said...

Love Potion #9, huh?
MY guess was going to be Bad Lieutenant. Guess not.

ed said...



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