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Oct 8, 2008

Stained Glass Cinema #10

Well, last time out, I more or less stumped you all (more), with me finally giving enough clues that SGC leaders Jason/Daniel (or just Jason this time - it's hard to tell) finally pulling the winner out of his pooper - A Sound of Thunder, starring Ed Burns and Ben Kingsley.

This time - much easier. No hints until there's at least 10 guesses.

Jason/Daniel - 3
Steel11Kane - 1
TonyD - 1
Evan Derrick - 1
Luke Harrington - 1
Rachel - 1
Fletch - 1 (meaning I stumped you)

8 people have chosen wisely: on "Stained Glass Cinema #10"

Jess said...

It looks like Face/Off, but I know you'd never pick a Nic Cage movie. I'll keep guessing later.

Nick said...

I'm gonna say "War" with Jet Li and Jason Statham.

Farmacy said...

It's gotta be drumline.

Adam Ross Walks Among Us said...

I know this one! As soon as I saw it!

"Extreme Measures"

Still never seen it, but I'm always up for a Michael Keaton movie ("Jack Frost" notwithstanding).

Fletch said...

Nice job, Adam (now with New extendo-name!). Extreme Measures it is.

Then again, you get docked a half a point - Keaton's not in it. It stars Hugh Grant and Gene Hackman (though I've never seen it, either).

Jess - never pick a Cage flick for this? I've already done two (Capt. Correlli and Red Rock West).

Adam Ross Walks Among Us said...

Dammit, I was thinking of "Desperate Measures" with the Keaton reference (another movie I haven't seen). I accept my deduction, you'd think by now I should know to just keep my sweet mouth shut.

Fox said...

Nick, I was gonna guess the exact same thing: War.

And I was really excited to post my answer until I saw that it was already over and THEN that my answer was, uh... WRONG!

Anders said...

I love this idea!
so much so that i have semi-stolen it for my own little game.... :P


Must make sure i am ready for next the next one and get on that leaderboard!