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Jun 5, 2008

Outlandish Statements #2

It's time for more outlandish statements. Feel free to disagree, call me crazy, or call me genius. Just don't call me Shirley. Here's the last installment of this feature.

"David Lynch's Lost Highway is intellectual masturbatory nonsense, full of images and plots that don't tell a story, but rather beat you into submission, leaving you begging for any sense of clarity."

"As good a movie as it is, Terminator 2: Judgement Day is only Arnold Schwarzenegger's third best film, trailing both Total Recall and Predator."

"Ocean's Twelve is a fine addition to the franchise and rewards repeat viewings."

"As much as I think him a loonbag nutjob and don't want to support his movies (financially), I miss Mel Gibson the actor."

"The guy that played Biff Tannen (Tom Wilson) in the Back to the Future movies is one of the most criminally underused and underappreciated actors of all time, capable of playing for comedy or drama, at any age."

Got some of your own?

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Joseph said...

You know, I may have to agree with you on Ahnold. Especially Total Recall.


I agree on LOST HIGHWAY, but I love Lynch and think most of his movies are masterpieces.

TOTAL RECALL, better than T2? Are you drinking crazy juice!!!!!!!

OCEAN'S TWELVE is a sack of shit.

Mel Gibson is the ROAD WARRIOR, and despite his douche baggery, is still awesome.

Biff is the man, especially after seeing him in FREAKS AND GEEKS, one of the best shows ever made, along with SIENFELD, SIMPSONS, I LOVE LUCY, and ALL IN THE FAMILY, And HITCHCOCK HOUR, and TWILIGHT ZONE!!!

----some of my own-----
BLOW OUT is one of the top 5 films of the 80's.

Any film with a split field diopter shot automatically received an extra star in the rating.

Brain Singer is just okay.

Nick said...

What the heck is a 'split field diopter shot'?

Rachel said...

1. Can neither agree nor disagree as I've never seen Lost Highway. But I despise Lynch for the reasons mentioned, so it's probably a true statement.
2. Disagree
3. Disagree. Did not like it at all, but I will watch it again right before I get around to seeing the 3rd one.
4. I miss Mr. Gibson's acting too.
5. I've only seen him in Back to the Future, and (according to IMDB) an episode of House, though I didn't recognize him. So I can't agree or disagree here either.

My outlandish statement: Magnolia was the biggest cinematical waste of time...EVER.

WampaOne said...

Freaks and Greeks was simply amazing tv. The episode where they play D&D, just outstanding, plus Linda Cardelini...

Fletch said...

@ Nick - I didn't know, either - had to look it up. Yeah, it's cool, but I like the effect where it looks like they're zooming in and out at the same time (the main subject of the frame ends up appearing to not move at all, and usually isn't) even better.

@ Joseph C. - I really like T2, but if you think about it, it's essentially both a) a rehash of the first film with a few details changed and b) an extended chase movie, no more and no less. Total Recall (granted, there's source material behind it) has much more imagination and creativity that makes up for the lack of straight-up action. Oh, and a three-boobed prostitute - let's see T2 top that!

I think I might agree with you in regards to Singer. He's made one great film (Suspects), a pretty-good-but-ignored one (Apt Pupil), a strong action pic (X-Men) and a meh retread action pic (Superman Returns). I don't know, actually. I think my jury's still out, but it's safe to say his career hasn't quite lived up to the Suspects potential, but it's also safe to say that that was some pretty high potential.

@ Rachel - I haven't seen Wilson (at least knowingly) in too much outside of the BTTF series, either, but they're on TV all the time and I always marvel at how awesome he was in them. It's criminal that he didn't at least become a well-known character actor like Buscemi or Turturro - he clearly has it in him (or had).

WaywardJam said...

Switching it up:

5. Genius.
4. Genius. Where for art thou, Mel?
3. I own it, so again, Genius.
2. Three-boobed Prostitute Genius!
1. Dunno, never seen it.

Tom Wilson was just in our town doing stand up. I missed the show. I have seen more of his work over the years than I should admit (Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector).

Oh, saw this on Wilson's IMDB bio:
"Paints portraits of children's toys."

Who knew?

Nick said...

Rachel... sorry, but I do have to agree with you. Magnolia WAS an incredible waste of time. Completely overrated, if you ask me.

WaywardJam said...

Nick, sorry if I sound like a broken record today, but: Magnolia = Genius!

The greatest role of Tom Cruise's career.

Daniel G. said...

T2 is WAY better than Predator. Well, OK, maybe just a little better. And what about True Lies, the last great action film of our time?!?!?

Ocean's 12, though I've seen it only once, was almost intolerable.

Sure, I could take Gibson in an appropriate role. Something like Ransom. No more war heroes (Braveheart, The Patriot, When We Were Soldiers - the guy has like two wars left to cover).

Sorry to both Rachel and Nick, but Magnolia is one of my favorite movies!

Fletch said...

@ Wayne - yeah, Wilson's quite the renaissance man. Sings, plays guitar, does stand up, you name it.

@ Daniel - Predator sets the stand for a no-frills action movie. It's kickass from start to finish, makes no apologies, and doesn't insult your intelligence at any point, really. Just expertly made.

I appreciate True Lies for what it is and some of the lampooning it does at Arnold's ouvre to that point, but it ranks no higher than 4th for me, I'm afraid, and probably not quite that high.

As for Ocean's - I LOVED the first. Didn't really like the second, either, on first viewing. But then it come coming up on HBO, and I kept watching bits and pieces and came to appreciate it. It's still the weakest of the three, but I think it fits in and isn't nearly as bad as anyone makes it out to be.

HBO is the theme again for Gibson. Lethan Weapon 2 popped up the other day (my favorite of that franchise), and Ransom has been on a few times, and I just thought about how good he could be and wondered what the hell happened. It's kind of a shame, but I guess he deserves it.

@ the Magnolia discussion - I think it's the weakest of PTA's movies, but I liked Cruise a lot in it, and the rest of the regulars (Hoffman, Moore) were great. It's overly long and, unlike Boogie, not fun at all, so I can see why some think it boring. And the WTF factor was off the charts...

Rachel said...

In my Magnolia-dislike defense, I had reason to believe the film would be phenomenal, and when it did not fulfill that expectation, I became seriously pissed off.

My friend had recommened it to me for about a year, going on and on about how awesome it was. I really liked Boogie Nights, so with my previous PTA experience and the unbelievably amazing cast, I figured there was no way this movied couldn't rule the universe.

When the movie turned out to be nothing more than random people whining about how horrible their lives are for 3+ hours just before it rains frogs (WTF!) I was ready to stab my friend, and PTA, in the throat.

And Nick, no need to apologize for agreeing with me:)

Alex said...

Fletch, I have to agree with you on all of them except for Lost Highway... BUT I understand where you're coming from.

Ocean's 12 is hugely underappreciated, ESPECIALLY since Ocean's 13 is so highly regarded when all it is is a suspenseless remake of 11 if you think about it.

Nick said...

Rachel: Lol, sorry. I thought you were being sarcastic (as Magnolia is like... the orgasmic movie for 'film lovers everywhere').

I also have to disagree with the statement that it was Tom Cruise's best performance and/or movie. I'd have to give that to either The Last Samurai or Collateral. Awesome movies.

And on that note, I probably just gave my own Outlandish Statement :P .

Michael J. Mendez said...

Ocean's 12 is the best entry in that series, hands down. I'd rather watch the crew match wits with Vincent Cassel than Pacino or Garcia anyday. Plus, Bruce Willis is in it.

WaywardJam said...

Alex: Oceans11 = Oceans13, definitely agree with that statement.

Nick: I was waiting to get smacked down for my outlandish Tom Cruise statement. Collateral was a great performance. I don't really remember his Last Samurai so I'd say no comparison. I think Interview with a Vampire deserves consideration to debunking my statement too. Wait, should I be trying to refute my own statement?!

Michael: Good point about Oceans12 - A Bruce Willis appearance always brings a film up a notch.

Nick said...

You know, I'm starting to get really confused on the whole outlandish statements thing. Are they supposed to be serious or sarcastic?

Because it seems half the people are serious with their statements, and half of them are just being sarcastic in order to be outlandish.

Fletch said...

@ Alex - thanks for understanding RE Lost Highway. I have an internal debate with myself every time I watch a movie like that as to whether I think it's high art or garbage. Of course, that's probably the point...

@ Micheal Mendez - that's definitely outlandish. I wouldn't go nearly that far, but I do enjoy it. And I think the Bruce Willis/"Tess looking like Julia Roberts" subplot is my least favorite part of the movie.

@ Nick - These are supposed to be serious statements, and it reads to me like everyone is being serious. They're just supposed to be ones that the general public (most likely) does not share.

Daniel G. said...

Yes, these are totally serious...except Rachel's throat-stabbing...I hope...

Tony Tanti said...

good stuff. Here's some from me along your themes.

Greatest Arnold movie is Commando.

Ocean's 12 was great, Pitt and Clooney make it well worth watchin, I don't understand the haters.

Mel Gibson is as "normal" as anyone in his income category.

Joseph said...

Master of Disguise is hilarious.


Luke Harrington said...

Meh. If Roman Polanski can get away with raping little girls, I think we can forgive Mel Gibson for saying something stupid while intoxicated...

Fletch said...

Funny you should mention that, Luke. You can see Roman Polanski in Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired, showing now on HBO. For more information, go to blah blah blah...

Sorry...been getting an abundant number of emails hyping that thing.