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May 7, 2008

Outlandish Statements #1

This new feature is relatively straightforward, and meant to get "the community" involved, and when I say "the community," I say it like Dr. Evil, yet think happy thoughts about how it takes a village to have a successful blog.

In this segment, I'll spout off opinions I have on certain movies or actors or whatever else is on my mind. Only, you'll probably think I'm some crazy person, making (wait for it) outlandish statements. Obviously, I don't think they are outlandish, as I believe them, but I understand that they probably aren't the general consensus. The spark for this idea came when I was reading Joseph Campanella's Cinema Fist blog the other day; he is of the opinion that Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is the best film of that until-now trilogy. I had to tell him that not only was it not the best film, it was the worst (relatively speaking). See the comments there for more bantering between us.

Anyway, here are my outlandish statements for the day. Feel free to disagree, call me crazy, or call me genius. Just don't call me Shirley.

"Casino is a better film than GoodFellas."

"Along those lines...Robert DeNiro hasn't been a movie star since 1995 - he's been a glorified character actor."

"Chevy Chase's four funniest movies (Caddyshack, Vacation, Fletch and Spies Like Us) are greater than or equal to a four film selection from any other comedian."

"Point Break remains one of the best action movies of the last 20 years."

"Gary Oldman's greatest performance of all time is as Drexl Spivey in True Romance."

Well, that does it for today's Outlandish Statements. Got some of your own?

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Joseph said...

Ang Lee's Hulk is fantastic. As is the Coen Brother's Intolerable Cruelty.

And Three Amigos should be added to the Chevy Chase list. It's not strictly a Chase film, but it's hilarious.

J.D. said...

Lindsay Lohan is still one of the best actresses of her generation.

*thunder clashes*

Fletch said...

@ Joseph - I have yet to see Ang Lee's Hulk. I listened to the bad press, and really didn't have a lot of desire to see it anyhow. I'll get to it eventually.

I enjoyed Intolerable Cruelty a lot. Saw it in the theater, but haven't seen it since. It ain't deep, but it's pretty damn funny.

As a bonus, Richard Jenkins is even in it...

I almost put 3 Amigos on the list, but it really doesn't have the cache that the others do (though many would say I have too high an opinion of Spies Like Us), and it's doesn't belong any more to him than the other two amigos.

@ JD - She's certainly showed promise (Prairie Home Companion, amongst others). But that's about it...



CASINO is half the film GOODFELLAS is. And that's still a four star film! But I'm afraid you're wrong about that one.

I agree with the DeNiro comment. While Harvey Keitel was taking movies like BAD LIEUTENANT, DeNiro had his eyes set on MEET THE PARENTS. He's still brilliant, nonetheless.

CHEVY CHASE was funny. Now, no so much. I adore CADDYSHACK and VACATION. And I must admit something Fletch. I've never seen FLETCH! Is that a sin?


GARY OLDMAN? I prefer DRACULA or LEON. But TRUE ROMANCE is good too.

ps. thanks for link! my little blog needs it....

pss. Outlandish Statements is a great idea for a segment. Here's one...

I thought 300 sucked royal ass.

Rachel said...

I really can't argue or agree here.
*Saw Goodfellas when I was like 12, so I don't remember it. Need to remedy that.
*Really haven't seen too many of DeNiro's films, in all honesty.
*Haven't seen any of those Chevy chase movies.
*Never seen Point Break (except for what I caught in Hot Fuzz).
*Pretty sure I'd disagree if I had seen more of Oldman's films.

I'm of no use here. My only Outlandish Statement for now is pretty big: Kubrick's The Shining is not in the least bit scary, especially after reading the book.

Jason Soto said...

BASEketball is a funny movie, dammit!

Adam Sandler is a comic genius.

2001: A Space Odyssey is a boring ass movie.

That's all I got for now.

Harry Lime said...

Drexl's cool and scary, but he's small-time crazy compared to the psychotic grandeur of DEA agent Stansfield.

Fletch said...

Joseph, Rachel - you both need to see Fletch, and Rachel, it wouldn't hurt for you to see the others as well. Even if you end up hating Caddyshack, at least you'd see the origin of so many classic lines. And you haven't seen Point Break, Rachel? If you liked Hot Fuzz at all, it commands your viewing.

BASEketball has its moments, for sure, Jason, but I can't say I thought it was great by any stretch.

Likewise, Sandler has his moments, but genius? That's indeed outlandish.

2001 actually is pretty boring, or at least slllloooow moving, but I think it rewards your patience, and if you can put the time of its release into perspective, it stands as a landmark film. The special effects (and visuals in general) are well worth a watch. Kubrick was way ahead of his time.

I have no qualms with Leon or Stansfield, but how many white british guys could convincingly play a "black" Detroit pimp with dreadlocks? And be hilarious to boot? I say none.

Though a role that kinda reminds me of Drexl is Chris Pine's in Smokin' Aces. To see that guy as one of the Tremor brothers, then to see him (for mere minutes, mind you) playing Lohan's counterpart in Just My Luck was pretty jarring.


The only movie better than INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM is 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY.

That's not outlandish, that's a fact!

Caitlin said...

You're punishing me now for leaving Oldman's True Romance performance out, aren't you? ;)

I waffle a bit on the Chevy Chase thing but my brain's not working so well right now.

Matt said...

I'll grant you your outlandish statements because I think each one can be justified.

However, while I think The Temple of Doom is underrated, there's no way it's better than The Last Crusade, which merged an epic message on the human condition with the pinnacle of Spielberg's action-style direction.

Fletch said...

Nope - no punishment, Caitlin - that really is my favorite performance by him. It kills me. The guy is so goddamn versatile it's not even funny. In fact, Batman Begins was on the other day, and though I've seen it many times, I kinda sat back and was jarred a bit by how normal a character he was playing (despite the American accent). Weird.

Thank you, Matt. On both counts. :)

Tony Tanti said...

Great post. I liked Point Break but don't agree with you on that one, I mean I liked Karate Kid the first time I saw it too.

Chevy Chase was great in his time, what the heck happened to him? Did his failed talk show really destroy him?

Here's my outlandish statement: Knocked Up is the most overrated movie of the new millenium.

Mrs Fletch said...


Marcy said...

Sabrina (1995) is more enjoyable than Sabrina (1954).

Spider-Man 3 is the best movie out of the Spider-Man trilogy.

Batman & Robin is better than the 1989 Batman film.

Ordinary People deserved Best Picture over Raging Bull.

Daniel G. said...

Great new feature, Fletch. I'll have to come up with my own to add to the next one.

I have not major issues with yours, but that Chevy Chase one is pretty bold. Of course, it comes down this: greater than or equal to.

Fletch said...

@ Tony - does that mean you no longer like the Karate Kid? How dare you - that's a comedy classic!

I don't think it was just the talk show; it was bad material as well (ever seen Cops and Robbersons? Ugh.). But the talk show made him a bit of a laughingstock and I think people don't find someone as funny when they think they're a joke. I think his is a tragic story and I root for a comeback. Then again, his reputation as being a jerk in real life wasn't helping, either, I'd imagine.

I don't think of Point Break as a "so bad it's good" movie, though; I think of it as a genuinely great action movie. The only things really laughable are Gary Busey (naturally, though he's pretty sane here) and Keanu's "I am an EFFF BEE EYE agent!!" line. Anthony Kiedis' cameo kills me as well, but that's just because it's Anthony Kiedis.

@ Marcy - those are indeed outlandish statements, and I don't think I can get on board with any of them. I haven't seen the original Sabrina, but I saw the 1995 version. It was okay - not great or terrible in my opinion.

You're in the super-duper minority on Spider-Man 3, and I totally disagree there; I feel the same way about your Batman statement. I love the first and deplore the 3rd and 4th ones.

@ Daniel - Really, how bold is it? Name me one that's better (or equal). There are plenty of guys that you could pick 2 or 3 movies for and have them stand up to that grouping, but 4? That's rare air. I'd imagine the only contenders are Martin, Murray, and Murphy (unless someone goes old school on me and says someone like Buster Keaton).

Fox said...

I agree ten times with you on statement #4... so, I will call you "genius".

WaywardJam said...

Love the feature. I'm about 50/50 agreement with your statements. I'll save my outlandishness for your next posting since I'm late to the party.

Fletch said...

Sounds good, Wayne. Next one will hit whenever inspiration strikes.