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Apr 10, 2008

Survivor: Micronesia Episode 9 recap

"It's just a f**king stick!"

And to think, Survivor is sold to us as a reality TV show. You could have fooled me - episode nine of Survivor: Micronesia was a riot from start to finish.

Bucking the traditional recap, I present you with the greatest hits:

* We started off with our dear friend Eliza, who made the startling realization that she annoys people. Not a good sign for her future.

* Erik, on his relationship with Ozzy: "I'm the monkey and he's the zookeeper."

* As the two tribes joined for a post-merge feast, James was the only brave soul that ate the delicacy of the day: vampire bats. The food critic sayeth: "It was like a juicy rabbit."

* In what has to be a Survivor first, and one that I can't believe Jeff failed to mention to the troops, the Ice Cream Boy completely fabricated a Micronesian word for the new tribe's name, telling his tribemates that "Dabu" translated to "good." Everyone lapped it up immediately.

* One thing that wasn't funny, but was edited that way: Ozzy, apparently a bit tipsy after the merge feast (with copious amounts of alcohol, as usual), snuggled up with Invisible Girl #1 (Alexis), while we cut back and forth between the two new lovebirds and a heartbroken Amanda, who just about looked ready to cry.

* A now desperate Eliza pleaded her case to an uninterested Parvati, letting her know that "You have my 100% loyalty" and "I'm totally with you." No, Eliza, you're with yourself. Said Parvati immediately afterwards: "I'm so sick of her."

* Some sad news, as the Immunity Challenge was not only a repeat from seasons past, but has to be one of the worst challenges ever. It consists of the survivors being placed in the ocean under a grate, with their heads barely above water. As the tide rises, they are tasked with (gasp!) not drowning! He or she who can breathe longest wins! Lucky for us, there was a beautiful upside to all this. Since Jason won immunity and had previously promised his "hidden immunity idol" to Eliza, we were on the fast track for two consecutive seasons with a fake idol being played. At the same time, Jason proved what an idiot he is, first acting cocky while speaking about the "look of failure" on Ozzy's face (which was, uh, actually the look of sickness, as the Ozzman had ingested way too much salt water and looked sick), then standing there like a buffoon as Eliza broke the news to him that the "idol" was just a stick. His response? "Well, that's a bummer." For Eliza it was.

* Finally, Ozzy gave us all the last laugh. After the fake idol was played, Jeff gave the tribe the song and dance about the rules of the idol before declaring "this is not the immunity idol." As he tossed it into the fire pit (a la last season), Ozzy yelled out "C'mon Jeff, that took hours to make!"

It was all worth it, Ozzy. Every minute.

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Esteban said...

But does Ozzy go home next week? Certainly seems like he somehow loses whatever "big lead" he had in the challenge, and a number of the women plot to force him to play the idol for someone else then blindside him.

If this is indeed what happens, who backstabs him? Who is the bait for him to play the idol? Amanda? James?

Or are we just being hooked by the preview?

Robb said...

Do you think Jeff knows the Micronesian word for good? They tried to edit it to make it look like he was about to say something, but as much as I love Jeff, I bet he was just as fooled as the others were.

Of course, he probably sees most of the interesting footage soon after it is shot, so perhaps he was warned. But he often lets people get away with things like that.

Another great episode though, that's for sure.

Fletch said...

@ Esteban - My guess is that Ozzy's not going anywhere, at least not in the immediate future. He knows they all know he has the Idol, and I'm sure he's aware of what James did last season, so I'd guess he's more apt to use it in a week where he doesn't need it rather than the other way around.

I also kind of think they're messing with us by showing that video. Either a) that was for a reward challenge or b) he does end up winning or c) all of the above.

@ Robb - No, I don't think Jeff would know much Micronesian off the top of his head, but I'm positive that someone was watching the footage roll in and that they looked it up. I'm pretty sure someone informed Jeff, but they either decided against saying anything or removed it via editing because Erik is so boring. ;)