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Apr 11, 2008

TGITDNMAR (4/11/08)

It's that time again for TGITDNMAR, which (obviously) stands for Thank God It's The Day New Movies Are Released.

It's April, and this is a good thing. Not a great thing, mind you, but good. Gone are the months filled with movies that look bad and are bad; we've now entered a period where movies look good but probably are bad. It's not much, but it's progress, and you never know when a really good one might slip through the cracks. A short slate this week...

Street Kings
This is probably the prototype for the window-dressing type of movie I outlined above (looks good, is bad). The film is a big leap outside of ruffian-turned-screenwriter-turned-director David Ayer's (Harsh Times, Training Day) comfort zone. Oh wait, no it's not. Not at all. Ayer stays tried and true to his background, helming yet another tale of morally ambiguous L.A. cops who also happen to be macho clowns. However, it's hard to ignore the strong cast, from star Keanu Reeves (a bit out of place, methinks) to Forest Whitaker, Chris Evans, Hugh Laurie, Common, Jay Mohr and the handsomely named Cedric the Entertainer. I'm intrigued if nothing else.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing (in the theater): 61%

Prom Night
Remember Jonathon Schaech? The handsome, young Peter Gallagher-looking guy from That Thing You Do!? Well, he's just one of a never ending list of no-names and never-weres starring in this latest horror remake.

Hmm...what else do I have to say about this? Um...I think it has a pretty cool poster. And...uh...nope, that's it.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 0%

Smart People
If this movie doesn't scream Little Miss Juno Savage, then I just don't know what does.

Dennis Quaid, putting on some indie clothes after Vantage Point, and the always reliable Thomas Haden Church co-star as a pair of brothers that play Scrabble to see who can get the highest Triple Word Score. Ellen Page and Sarah Jessica Parker join in on the fun, playing a rousing game of Chutes and Ladders in the background. Sounds enthralling.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 50%

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Matt said...

Smart People is at the top of my movies-to-watch list. Although even after all these years I can't look at Thomas Haden Church without wanting to call him Lowell, and to a lesser extend, Ned.

Mrs. Thuro said...

I'm with you Matt. THC will always be Lowell Mather to me too.

sarah said...

I don't know. Those are slim pickins. I haven't gone to the theater in ages...I'm even thinking of seeing Nim's Island I'm so desperate to see a movie! Thankfully There Will Be Blood came out on DVD this week.

Nick said...

I would have gone to see Smart People, but it didn't come out here. I'll probably waste money going to see The Ruins, since I made a deal with Shea about it...

Jason Soto said...

Well, if you been keeping up with my blog-a-thon thingy, you know I'm gonna be checking out Prom Night tomorrow.
For some reason, I like watching bad movies in theaters. I think it's mainly cause I get to see who else goes to them. Usually, movies like this (pg-13 slasher flicks) are teenage girls, teenagers on dates, or people like me. Knowing my luck, it'll just be me and a bunch of teenage girls.
Wish me luck.

NFL Adam said...

Funny Forest Whitikar isn't straying too far from his performance on The Shield.

Fox said...

I always thought the Prom Night poster was weird b/c it simultaneously looks like "the queen" is screaming and laughing... it really could go either way.

Anyway... I saw it this weekend, and you'll be glad to know that your 0% prediction was 100% accurate.

NFL Adam said...

I almost saw Street Kings this week, but I ended up getting into a 12-er of Miller High Life.