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Oct 26, 2007

Commit a Random, Senseless Act of Violence!

Actually, that might be frowned upon, but it is the subject of the new poll. We all know celebrities and politicians can be annoying, so here's your chance to exact some revenge (in your mind, at least). Whatever you do, don't take this too seriously, because a) it's supposed to be fun and b) I don't want any of you going to jail (though the headlines might be fun).

For the record (and since it's deleted now), the results of the Jean Claude Van Damme movie poll were as follows:

* Bloodsport (7 votes)
* Cyborg (5)
* Timecop (3)
* Double Impact (2)
* Lionheart (2)
* Death Warrant (1)
* Hard Target (1)

Total Votes - 21

I'm shocked that Kickboxer received no votes. Not that I like it all that much, but I know many that do.

Let's get some more votes this time around, people...

3 people have chosen wisely: on "Commit a Random, Senseless Act of Violence!"

WaywardJam said...

The JCVD vote was a close one for me, almost gave Kickboxer props. This too was a close bid b/w Bush & Britney but I think Britney's offspring could do more damage to our future.

Farmacy said...

I also voted for Britney... there is a chance she will make a vague comeback, and have enough money to create a lifestyle for her offspring and create the mega-paris hilton.

She's had 2 boys thus far, which doesn't worry me... but the female off spring from britney's tainted hooch may very well end the world.

Sheamus the... said...

Ha...reminds me of Fight Club when they have to pick a fight with a total stranger...and lose.