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May 15, 2011

TGITDNMAR (5/13/11)

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It's that time again for TGITDNMAR, which (obviously) stands for Thank God It's The Day New Movies Are Released.

What will be next in the one-word title, quasi-religious, zombpire trilogy from star Paul Bettany and director Scott Charles Stewart? One can hardly hold back their need to know.

My best bet is this: Dominion, starring, of course, Bettany, as well as Sharlto Copley, Idris Elba, and Rachel Bilson. Set 4300 years into the future, Dominion centers on a broken down man named Jacob (Bettany) questioning his faith in Zheyahu (the name that the people of that time will be calling their deity) after his lifepartner (wife) and malespring (son) are taken from him by a man known only as The Shemanatrix. However, The Shemanatrix holds a secret dear to humanity; all may not be as it seems. Meanwhile, the enemies of Zheyahu have targeted Jacob as the leader in a movement to oust the apolitical zombies of Leftanthsaville. Or something.

All jokes aside, as bad as Legion looked (and apparently was), and as much as I got a similar vibe from Priest when first seeing the trailer, I have to say that I have a glimmer of optimism that it just might be decent - that the commentary on organized religion just might be enough to suck me in, provided that I can ignore the ridiculous monster aspect to the proceedings. Doubtful, I know.
Dylan's Under Normal Circumstances Chance of Viewing (in the theater): 45%

If you've heard me talking about the trailers on the LAMBcast, you know that I haven't been sold on the quality of this so-called "female Hangover." However, I've got it on multiple words that it is no copycat, that this (yes) Apatow-produced chick flick brings the funny - and not nearly represented solely by the gross-out humor of the trailer(s) - but also brings the heart. Even bigger, it features female characters that just might be real people, and not shrill wannabrides or one-note caricatures. I'm still worried about the treatment Melissa McCarthy is shown in the trailer ("Get it? She's fat!"), but I have to say that, especially with a lack of other films I'm interested in seeing in theaters at the moment, I'm kind of interested in checking this out.
Dylan's Under Normal Circumstances Chance of Viewing (in the theater): 78%

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Castor said...

Just Bridesmaids. Liked it and glad it's doing well at the box office. Gotta make a stand for better women movies :)

Jack L said...

I won't be seeing either of these, both look bad.

Paul Bettany really lost it, such a shame as I really liked him in Master and Commander.

And as for Bridesmaids, I haven't even seen the Hangover so "the female Hangover" fails to intrigue me really...

Fletch said...

@ Castor - I'm right there with you. Wasn't great, but was a decent showing all around.

@ Jack - You need some lighter movies in your diet sometime, don't ya? You could do worse than The Hangover or Bridesmaids.

Jack L said...

I suppose so, but I just don't like that kind of humour.
I'm more into witty humour, or nerdy, but not raunchy...

Tom Clift said...

Definitely interested in BRIDESMAIDS although it doesn't come out here until next month (of course). Will be giving Priest a miss