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Feb 28, 2008

Survivor: Micronesia (Fans vs. Favorites) Episode 4 recap

The fourth episode of Survivor: Micronesia showed us, if nothing else, who the true players are. Whether it be challenges, idols or councils, the strong shined and the weak withered.

Upon their return from last week's council, it was no surprise that Penner was pissed and Cirie was snippy. Penner, having lost his bid for greater numbers at Tribal Council, delivered a bitch session for all to see, including Cirie, who is now beyond arrogant. She "doesn't have to hear him," she says; "yes you do" says he - it's really childish on both their parts, but it is kind of interesting.

But it doesn't hold a candle to the show James puts on. We learn that Eliza is now ailing, "sick" or something like that. This does not sit well with the gravedigger, who now regrets having voted off the stronger (and smarter) Yau-Man, wishing instead he had voted off ol' Crazy Eyes. The topper? He has no problem saying all this right in front of her. The exchange goes something like this:

James (to Parvati, Ozzy and Amanda): I wish we hadn't voted off Yau.
Eliza: You know, I'm sitting right here.
James: Yeah, but you gonna die.
Eliza: I'm not going to die...
James: I don't want you to die, but you're gonna die.

(fast forward a few seconds)

Eliza (pissed off): [something about not wanting to go home]
James: Now you're sick and you got attitude?

By this time, I was practically rolling on the floor; then again, I don't care for Eliza. If I did, I would probably think James a giant jerk right about now.

After the drama, the Reward Challenge was a welcome sight. Even more welcome was the sight of Poseidon, er, Ozzy, being given the chance to shine. The challenge, which consisted of half the team swimming down to retrieve coconuts from a cage in the ocean, didn't appear to be one that required much strategy. But the Ozzman, Aquaman that he is (and pretty damn smart to boot) saw an opportunity. Where the members of the Fans tribe simply went and pushed one coconut out at a time, Ozzy stayed underwater for what seemed like days, pushing as many nuts as he could to the front of the cage, making the underwater time for his tribe mates close to nil. Though it might have appeared as though the Fans had an edge early on (as they were bringing more nuts to the surface), it was all a facade. The Favorites had all ten of theirs out of the water (and the subsequent puzzle solved) before the Fans had nine out. It was an awe-inspiring event, even, as we saw later, from members of the other tribe. Not a good sign for them.

Even worse for them was that (after the Faves sent dopey, mopey Kathy back to Exile Island), Ozzy tagged along as well. After a bit of get-to-know-yas, with the golf cart lady fawning over him and the other favorites, Ozzy took it upon himself to go about finding the Hidden Immunity Idol (Kathy, of course, was too busy being tired and lazy to care). In seemingly no time flat, all while under the guise of "looking for clams," Ozzy found the idol. He went a step better even, pulling a Yau move by chopping some lumber, whittling it into a false idol, and placing it where he found the genuine article. Though somewhat brilliant, his final creation probably won't fool anyone; still, the fact that he did all this (and found/chopped wood for Kathy, who was attempting to build a fire) in what looked like an hour is mind-blowing. Naturally, Kooky Kathy was oblivious to all the goings on.

The Immunity Challenge was, unfortunately, one that we'd seen before - and not a good one. It involved members connected to one another by long poles that were all joined together (think big spokes on a big wheel, with a member on each end of the spoke). After releasing some locks, they had to maneuver their way through an obstacle course and find six necklaces that, ultimately, would be used to solve a puzzle. Meh. Even more yawn inducing was the fact that the Favorites steamrolled through, while the noobies struggled to even get their locks undone. It was over before it began.

With the Fans back at their camps, again the strong began to flex their muscles. Firefighter Joel, the most insecure man on the planet (way ironic given his stature), still had his panties in a bunch, concerned that Mikey B. was leading the tribe (heaven forbid!). Though at first everyone had dilapidated Chet in their sights (aside from being weak in general, nice guy Chet's back was giving him fits), Tracy ran some psychological circles around Joel, basically calling him out for being the big baby that he is and turning him onto the idea of voting for Mikey (who he had previously wanted to keep around - for "strength" - through the merge. It was marvelous, really.

And just like that, Mikey was no more. Personally, I never had a problem with Mikey, but he (and Jason, his acolyte) got played, and now Chet, Tracy, Kooky Kathy and the rest of the misfits will stick around until...at least next week, when a tribal mix-up is on the horizon (along with more bullying by Joel - joy). Stay tuned - this is getting good.

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6 people have chosen wisely: on "Survivor: Micronesia (Fans vs. Favorites) Episode 4 recap"

Nick said...

I swear, Ozzy is a god among men or something... he's just... jaw-dropping. I wish I was Ozzy.

And James was hilarious, as always. He speaks the truth and doesn't care. And I loved the 'you gonna die!' stuff.

And is it just me, or are almost none of the 'Fans' really worth watching or caring about? The only one I really care about is the scrawny white guy with the crazy poofy hair. I don't know why, as they've barely showed any of him, but he seems like a cool dude.

Fletch said...

"The only one I really care about is the scrawny white guy with the crazy poofy hair. I don't know why, as they've barely showed any of him, but he seems like a cool dude."


I hate that dude. First of all, his hair makes him look like a we-todd-ed douchebag from the 70s, but to top it off, all he does is say dumb things and/or condescend people when he has no business doing so. I'd take just about anyone (aside from Joel) over him.

From that tribe, I'm rooting for Tracy (who won me over some tonight) and maybe even pulling for the uber-underdog Chet. He just seems like a hurt puppy.

The rest of the people I could give or take. Jason? Meh. Monkey-face girl? No. Kooky Kathy? God no. Who else is there?

Robb said...

I was so excited about Tracy's genius that I totally forgot to mention Ozzy's fake idol in my recap. James has his moments, but Ozzy is the Oxford man, good at absolutely everything. His fake idol didn't look all that great to me either, but still it is just funny as hell.

I have to agree with Nick, that we haven't really gotten to know the fans all that well. I know there are two girls on that team, but I couldn't tell you much else about them. Even "monkey-face" doesn't ring a bell. :) I suppose that will change somewhat next week when they get split up into easier to digest pieces. But other than Tracy and Joel, I can't say I care one way or the other about the rest of them at this point. (Well, Kathy is lame, but I find it hard to resist her, Tracy and Chet's underdog charm.)

Not thrilled about the preview of Penner getting hurt next week. If he gets voted off strategically, I'm fine, but sending people home because of injuries is a waste of an opportunity for a good tribal.

Anonymous said...

I used to like Cirie, she had that whole sweet underdog thing going for her. Now that she got Yau Man voted off, I'm just mad at her. Does she really think that the "couples" consider her a valuable ally? She was just a handy swing vote for them.

Yes, Ozzy truly is the god of agility. He makes everything look so damn easy.

Nick said...

Fletch: Maybe I just wasn't paying attention... I don't remember them really every letting the poofy-hair guy talk... except last night, which I found to be so absurd it was funny. But if he's really all argh-worthy, maybe I'll give him another look-over.

And I know who you mean by monkey-face... except I think she looks more like a 'Who' from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Robb said...

Mrs. Fletch - I'm sure James and Ozzy see Cirie as little more than a temporarily useful swing vote. But when it comes down to it, I'd be surprised if Amanda and Parvati don't try and dump their boys. If Ozzy or James makes it to the end, they win, period. The girls know that, and I bet a love for money will trump a love for hormones.