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May 4, 2011

Poll results; new poll; FYC!

The results of the latest poll either indicate that much of Blog Cabins' readership is not a member of the Large Association of Movie Blogs...or the magic is gone from the LAMMY awards, with just 57% of the vote excited for the ceremony in one fashion or another. Hard to say which, really, not without knowing who the 26% of voters were that selected "not caring,""curious," and "in the dark." Though, really, the ones I'm concerned about are the 3 individuals who selected "full of hate" towards the awards. Care to come forward? (Castor, if you're one of them, I get it.)

I'm in the midst of trudging through the second Transformers film (just for shits and giggles, and because I get curious to see just how bad some films are), and it's got me wondering how much interest you have in the third edition of the Baysplosions epic. New poll wants a simple Yes or No from you.

Also, for those that might not see it on the LAMB, I had to share with you the For Your Consideration ad that I made for the event. I wasn't coming up with anything brilliantly funny (some have been great for this), and I didn't want to do anything that just put a bunch of text over an image from a recent movie (too many have done this), and putting JCVD's face on one of these is an awesome idea that's already been taken, so....I went with a (hopefully) classy and designery one. Made in MS Paint, of course!

3 people have chosen wisely: on "Poll results; new poll; FYC!"

Sebastian Gutierrez said...

Yeah, I'm gonna see it. Won't see it at midnight, but still gonna go.

There should be an award for best FYC poster once all the nominations are out. Just put them all up and let people pick their favorite. That should happen.

Joel Burman said...

I also wanna know the three who are full of hate? Can you pull their ipadresses? hahaha

Fletch said...

@ Seb - Curse you and your Michael Bay boner. Don't deny it! I don't think there's a chance in hell I'll be seeing Transfo 3 in theaters, if at all.

And yes, there should absolutely be an award for Best FYC Poster. Major oversight on the part of Rachel and I. Not sure if we should declare an emergency post-nom vote or just award them retroactively (i.e. at next year's LAMMYs for this year's FYCs).

@ Joel - I wish! I totally would if I could. I mean, I can pull IP addresses, but I'd need to know when they voted, and I wasn't paying that close of attention.