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Apr 14, 2011

Roll call!

Working on a few other posts, but not sure if I'll get them up today. In lieu, I have but a simple request of you.

I know (I think?) there are a lot of readers of this site that don't typically comment (like you, Mrs. Fletch). That's ok - you can be a lurker if you must (though don't forget, comments are like currency to bloggers).

Today, however, I'm standing at the front of the class and I'm calling your name. Only I don't have my sheet of paper, so I'm gonna need you to do the work. Just peep up with a "Here!" or even a "Hi," that's all I ask.

And if you so desire to say anything else - ask a question, make a comment about the site in general, or anything else, go crazy.

33 people have chosen wisely: on "Roll call!"

Jason Soto said...

We're no strangers to love! You know the rules! And so do I!

Never gonna give you up! Never gonna say goodbye! Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you!!

Anonymous said...

Sooo, when are you going to blog about some good actresses?

Jess said...

Why'd you shave?

Fletch said...

@ Mrs. Fletch - Oh hai, my current wife!

@ Nick - Indeed.

@ Jason - LOL. Should I have titled the post (Rick) Roll Call?

@ Jason - Out of 32 Ladies of the 90s, you think none are good? Pshaw! Who would you like me to blog about (active 1970 or later)?

@ Jess - I like to mix it up. I actually hate the feel of being clean shaven, but was looking awfully grizzly. Is that a vote for my "after" pic, though? :D

Jess said...

Nah, both are fine, but I'll agree with the grizzly factor starting to get out of hand (based on the before picture).

Andy the Time Lord said...

Time Lord reporting for duty. Long Live Blog Cabins. :)

Univarn said...

I'm here but I am a bit curious: does this post come with a side of fries or just the regular everyday 'Fletch Potato Surprise' - to be honest, we've all known the surprise and no, mixing carrots into your potatoes doesn't make them super awesome!

Rachel said...

Present. And I can't stand Goldie Hawn.

Anonymous said...

I like how you called me Jason again.

Also, if you're actually looking for good actresses in the '90s. Juliette Binoche had some fantastic performances throughout the decade.

Also, Geena Davis! Why did she not make it into the bracket. She's attractive, but also given some really good performances.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel like the bracket is more of a hotness thin as there are few women in the bracket I would say actually have any real acting talent.

I do like a couple of actresses in the bracket, Connelly being the main one, but in general, I'm underwhelmed by almost all the others, even though I like a couple in particular roles.

Fletch said...

@ Jack - Bonjour!

@ Justin - Always? Sweet! Please grade the Suns season for us.

@ Time Lord - You should really dump the Andy part and just go with that as your name. I want "Czar" in my name somewhere.

@ Univarn - My mom used to mix in the carrots with the mashed potatoes. I guess it's a good way to get kids to eat their veggies, but looking back...that shit's pretty gross. I hate when my food is mixed.

@ Castor - No.

@ Rachel - How did Goldie get brought into this, or did you just feel like sharing?

@ Blake - Blarg!

@ JAMES - Hey, it was more of a typo there, what with me typing Jason immediately before that. Also not helping: I have family members named James (Dad, and my middle name), Jason (brother), and Justin (brother). If only there were a commenter named Nicole...

No, you're pretty much right on. It's not meant to be an overall actress thing, and is mostly (87%) about looks. But it's also about icon status - when you think of the decade, which (of the more attractive) actresses come to mind first, and why?

Yes, I'm superficial (sometimes).

Anonymous said...

Yea, that's what I figured, and that's perfectly find as long as you're honest about it (which I think you have been).

David Bishop said...

David here.

"Toy Story 2 was ok"

trev said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sebastian Gutierrez said...

I'm here! I'm there! I'm fucking everywhere. I'm the eggman!

Bonus points if you can guess what that's from.

-The Young One

Rachel said...

I was recording RI when I wrote that and I had just mentioned it in the episode because I had to watch one of her movies for this week. Sorta randomness.

Fletch said...

@ James - I would never lie to you.

@ David - Haha. I dig the randomness there.

@ Stevee - Is that the kind of car you drive? ;) (I'm assuming that's some Kiwi saying or something...)

@ JSR - What up? You need to start a blog or do guest posts here or something...

@ Seb - Well, it had better be a Beastie Boys reference. And if it is, massive kudos to you, considering the album came out before you were born.

@ Kano - Doc!!!!!!!!

@ Rachel - You mean you weren't devoting 100% of your attention to the show?!? How dare you! So, what's this editing nightmare all about...just 'cause it's long, or did y'all have a bunch of giggle fits or something?

Red said...

Cojones. Big, hairy cojones.

Fletch said...

@ Red - But we've got the biggest...balls of them all!!

Stevee Taylor said...

Haha, no, 'Kia Ora' is hello in Maori...our supposed native language that only 2% of the population knows.

WampaOne said...

I´ve been really, really busy

Fletch said...

Praise the maker! Always good to see you, Wamper.

Fletch said...

@ Joel - Better tardy than absent! Thanks!