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Mar 25, 2011

Poll results; new poll

Is it simply a question on quantity winning out? Not to say that Stephen King stories haven't been adapted into some great movies (Stand By Me, Shawshank, The Green Mile, Misery, etc.), but I was expecting a slightly closer race than this. Granted, he only received 31% of the vote to win the poll, but with 8 choices, that was more than enough to handily take it. Philip K. Dick nabbed second with 17%, and "other" took third with 11%. So, Other voters, who were your picks?

I went with Elmore Leonard - some great movies have beenmade of his stories (Get Shorty, Jackie Brown, 3:10 to Yuma), but I've even enjoyed some crappy movies made from his works, including The Big Bounce and Touch (you win a prize if you're the other person in the world who saw that).

New poll is about - what else? - the Ladies of the 90s Tournament, going on right now (and for the next few weeks). There were several names thrown out as ladies that were left off the bracket, some who could be argued to even be amongst the higher tier of seeds. Alas, cuts were made, some were forgotten, and some were outright nixed from the get-go. I've compiled a list of some of the bigger names and/or lovelier gals from those mentioned - who has the biggest axe to grind?

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Anonymous said...

Juliette Binoche, obviously.

Alex said...

Aww Drew Barrymore is one of my favorite actresses in general, and she had some good ones in the 90's, so totally her.

Novroz said...

ah...if I know such polls exist,i would also vote for Stephen King. He is my fav author

Castor said...

I voted Catherine Zeta Jones. She was hot back in the days. I also thought Reese Witherspoon was really cute, again back in the days.

Fletch said...

@ James - Obviously. The people are coming at me with pitchforks and torches for leaving Binoche out.

@ Alex - In hindsight, Barrymore should have been in here. For Poison Ivy, if nothing else. ;)

@ Novroz - Well, now you know, and knowing is half the battle. And King won, so no worries.

@ Castor - The thing with Zeta-Jones is, sure she was hot, but I don't know if she was really lusted after by all that many, and her filmography pre-2000 is pretty weak. You could certainly make an argument, but I didn't feel bad leaving her off.