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Mar 29, 2011

Ladies of the 90s Tournament - Round 1: Milla Jovovich (4) vs. Bridget Fonda (5)

Previous results: The Julia Roberts backlash isn't in full swing yet, but she did almost get beat by a lowly friend with barely any films to her credit. However, she outlasted Courtney Cox 16-12. Click here to view the updated full bracket.

Milla Jovovich

Comments: Well, she was (and still kind of is) a supermodel, and she's in a number of iconic films from the decade, though her roles in them (outside of one) are never really all that integral. Still, that might be a tough combination to overcome, and I know she has a lot of fans out there. Was a 4-seed too low, too high, or just about right? We'll see...
90s Highlights: Dazed and Confused, The Fifth Element, He Got Game, The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc

Bridget Fonda

Comments: Did you know that Fonda hasn't appeared in anything since 2002? Anyway, we're now here to talk about the 2000s, we're here for the 90s, and man, was she everywhere. Peter's daughter and Jane's niece got her big break (well, besides being born into the Fondas) via The Godfather: Part III, and went on to start or co-star (mostly the latter) in no less than 20 films, going from a single white female to Ordell's "fine little surfer girl" along the way.
90s Highlights: The Godfather: Part III, Single White Female, Singles, Jackie Brown, Point of No Return

6 people have chosen wisely: on "Ladies of the 90s Tournament - Round 1: Milla Jovovich (4) vs. Bridget Fonda (5)"

Castor said...

Went with Bridget Fonda even though I don't even remember here at all!!

Fletch said...

@ Castor - What do you mean you don't remember her - you haven't seen any of those highlights?

Anonymous said...

How can you put these two against each other, I love them both. I could go for Fonda for Jackie Brown alone but I could vote against her for her criminal remake of Nikita. I think The Fifth Element and Dazed and Confused could win out for me.

Nick said...

Jovovich totally.

Fletch said...

@ Castor - At the very least, see Jackie Brown. Singles is going to look dated beyond belief at this point, but is still fun and features a deep, deep cast, full of cameos of people that went on to be more famous (meanwhile, many of the stars are MIA now...go figure).

@ Andy - Indeed, it's a tough choice - but that's what 4 vs 5-seed matchups are supposed to be, right?

I went with Fonda, but I respect your decision.

@ Nick - But not yours, Nick. ;)