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Feb 9, 2011

Poll results; new poll

That last poll was just a test. A test to see if Scott of He Shot Cyrus/Frankly My Dear checks out this site/votes on the polls. He has failed.

Naw, just kidding - though when I looked at the results and saw zero votes for either "A disappointment" or "A waste of time," I must admit that that's what I thought of, since he's the most vocal hater of the flick that I know of.

Anyway, the results speak for themselves. Academy, for ~90% of those that have seen it, The Social Network is not their choice for the best film of the year. Then again, I tend to think that my audience would rate The King's Speech even lower; perhaps not, just a guess. (I'm HUGE with Scott Pilgrim/Inception fans, advertisers.)

New poll is just a silly one I thought up. At first, it was going to be Valentine's Day related with Dustin DIAMOND and RUBY Dee and JEWEL Kilcher and PEARL Jam and Emma STONE, but I thought of enough stones on their own (and knew Emma would rock that poll) that I thought a stoney poll was in order. I also ran out of precious jewel names (Sapphire is just a stripper name, right? Any celebs named Amethyst?)...

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