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Jan 26, 2011

The State of the Cabins (1/26/11)

Alright - talk about timing! It's time for The State of the Cabins, here just hours after that old State of the Union thingy that everyone's talking about. Of course, this State is much more important, right?

Changing up the order of things on here just a bit...

Movies watched for the first time (non-theatrically) since last week:
None! Truth is, I'm more than halfway through both Fanboys and Croupier (there's a double feature for you), but not finished with either. Ought to make this section all the more packed next week...

Music I'm currently obsessed with:
* I already owned the album this song is on (that's right, Community fans, I'm over 30, too) and loved the song, but its inclusion - and damn near takeover - in The Fighter has head it in my head for nearly a week now. What a kickass tune, and one that only gets better with more and more decibels. So crank it up!

Book I'm currently reading:
* Finally finished Stone Cold last week. Fun read. I know Jess has read these books, so she might be the only one that cares about this, but here goes. Of course I think about who the cast of characters should be played by whenever I read a book. My choice for "Oliver Stone," the lead character in The Camel Club series? That's right - "the most interesting man in the world."

My pal Buffett35 lent me his copy of The Green Mile, and that's what I'm on now. It will sadden him to hear that I'm not going to wait a month between reading each of the six parts in the serial novel, but that's what happens when I have them all available to me. Currently on book two, and it's a good read. A bit slow, plot-wise, but that's only to the service of the characters and atmosphere, and King paints a terrific picture (of a bleak situation and locale) and introduces you to a colorful cast of characters. One gripe? I get it, it's a magic mouse. Hurry on with that storyline or move on. He's making me wait too much for some good Coffey stuff...

Things to Click On
* If you are a LAMB member and have not yet taken the LIONS for LAMBs poll for 2010, DO IT NOW! The link can be found here. (the Large Association of Movie Blogs)

* Ross v Ross has officially hit the big-time. See Ross McG's interview with Black Swan director here.

* David turns 3! Wish him a Happy Blogoversary (something I still need to do)! (Hoping for Something to Hope For)

* A special nod to Simon and his humongous project in which he's putting up a post a day about each film in his DVD collection - why it's there, if it should stay, etc. Fun, but daunting. Here's the first one, from a couple weeks ago. (Screen Insight)

* If the Best Picture nominee posters told the truth. A feature after my own heart. However, there's one giant issue I have with this - they declare The Fighter as "The Wrestler But With Boxing," when that "truth" surely belongs to Black Swan (with ballet subbed for boxing, obviously). (The Shiznit)

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Fletch said...

Thanks, Andy.

Yeah, Simon's project is too massive for me, and I don't even own 400 DVDs or
anything like that (I don't think, anyhow).

Thankfully, my expectations of Fanboys weren't terribly high or anything. The
plot is pretty retarded, but if it's merely an excuse for Star Wars geekery, I'm
cool with that. Though, don't all the guys in the movie seem way too young to
be crazy SW fanboys? Perhaps not Fogler, as he's my age (1976), but all the
other guys were born around the time Jedi came out, if not later.

Only cameos I've seen so far are Rogen (nice) and Knowles (meh).

AndyS said...

Nice linkage. That's a pretty cool idea @Screen Insight, and I loved the hell out of the posters from The Shiznit. w00t! FANBOYS. As a fan of all things STAR WARS, I wasn't blown away by it, but it's still enjoyable, more or less because of all the actor cameos in the flick.

Nick said...

Yeah, Fanboys is alright. It's nothing amazing, but it's entertaining enough.

Fletch said...

I like Fanboys enough so far. It's certainly geeky enough. :) Doesn't seem
like it's great, but I like the leads enough on their own, which is helping out
the flick considerably.

No problem! Three years is a good milestone in this 'business.'

Fletch said...

Excellent! Glad you approve of my pick! That's who I pictured any time I
visualized Stone - minus the goofy accent, that is. He's a professional actor,
so I think he'd be up for it. The chances of an action franchise-type movie
being made where an unknown 50-60 year old is the star? Slim-to-none.

Some folks on the IMDb board for Baldacci were throwing around names, including
Clint Eastwood. Um...okay...maybe 20 years ago. And Hackman for another role.
Um...the guy's retired from acting. Okay...

JessInsight said...

WOW - that guy is perfect for "Oliver Stone". I wonder if he can act!

David Bishop said...

I'm curious what you'll think of Fanboys. I liked it quite a bit, but I'm quite the Star Wars fanboy myself. I actually saw Fanboys in the theater.

Also, thanks for the well wishing for my blog turning three.

Buffett35 said...

I didn't expect you to wait a month between books after I left them all there, but you would have enjoyed it more that way. If I remember correctly, he kind of refreshes your memory at the beginning of each part, which might get a bit repetitive when reading them back-to-back. I wonder if changes were made when it was released as one book? Anyway, now that you've broken your Stephen King cherry, I guess it's time to start on the Dark Tower series! I've got all 7. It's where the show Lost stole all their "original" ideas from, so you know you'll like it.

Fletch said...

I thought about waiting for a bit, maybe reading a book in between, but...they
were right there! Perhaps you should have held the other parts from me after

I'm just about to start book 3...I'll keep you posted on the repetition thing.
I'm not too worried thus far.

Yea....I don't know about that with the Dark Tower. I've already got about 6
books on my "to read next" list...