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Jan 25, 2011

It's time to Devour the Oscars!

Great news - the LAMB Devours the Oscars event has arrived! Better news - Jess from Insight Into Entertainment is running it this year and not me (it's fun but can be an organization nightmare)! Even better news - I'll be writing a piece for the event on the nominated films in the Animated Short category. I saw and wrote about the animated and live action shorts last year, but that was just for fun; this time, it'll be all business.

The Devours event is on its 4th year now, and has got to be one of the most comprehensive and unique events on the internets, with movie bloggers from around the globe writing a piece on one of 33 categories (10 Best Picture articles, 23 for all the rest of the categories).

Check out this year's lineup by clicking on the image below. The articles will come in one day at a time for the next 33 days, ending the day before the Oscars. What timing!

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JessInsight said...

Thanks for the extra plug! Glad to have you in the line-up!