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Jan 24, 2011

Poll results; new poll

Back-to-back viewings of Zack and Miri Make a Porno and Beautiful Girls was more than enough to get high school reunion movies on my brain. Pushing the question of "which is the best one?" got absolutely unsurprising results, as Grosse Pointe Blank (my vote as well) won the poll handily with 53% of the vote. Zack and Miri, which has a great reunion scene but it admittedly a very small part of the film, stole second place from Romy and Michelle. The lesson, as always...if you're going to have two people's names in the title of your high school reunion-themed movie, have it be those of a man and a woman. Peggy Sue Got Married tried with only one name and look how creamed it got...

New poll is up and wants to know your feelings on The Social Network. It seems as though the further away from its release we get, the more polarizing it gets. Hailed by so many as the film of the year, it's reputation as "this generation's Citizen Kane" ain't doing it any favors (see last week's State of the Cabins), and I know quite a few people that have labeled it with the dreaded "O" word (this doesn't even count Scott of the Frankly, My Dear podcast who has been shouting his hate for it from the rooftops).

So, where does your opinion of it fall?

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