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Jan 21, 2011

Burning Questions: "No time for love, Dr. Jones!"

Apologies in advance to Rachel - this just seemed a topic ripe for conversation...

My friend Rachel (of Rachel's Reel Reviews) is one half of the Reel Insight podcast, along with Jess of Insight Into Entertainment). It's a weekly show that centers on a single actor or actress each week. The pair decide on their subjects ahead of time and watch as many films as they a) have time for and b) can get their hands on in a given week. It's admirable - they watch a ton of movies each week, delving through not only the good but the bad and ugly for us, the listener. One wonders how they have the time in a week to watch all these movies on these actors, especially when combined with the other films they watch and the chaos of life in general.

Well, Rachel pulled back the curtain just a little bit earlier this week, as she spoke about some of the distractions in her life that keep her from either a) watching more movies or b) giving her complete attention to the one's that she is watching at any given moment. In doing so, she revealed one of her secrets - she watches many a film at faster than their normal speeds (she mentioned both 1.5x and 1.7x).

I wouldn't call this blashpemy, but it just seems...wrong. Take note her disclaimer that she pretty much only does this to films that she's not all that much interested in seeing to begin with. In fact, see the comments section of the post for my full thoughts and her rebuttals.

But I wanted to ask - what do you think of this practice? Is it 100% pure evil? Do you think it okay under certain circumstances?

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