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Dec 9, 2010

Poll results; new poll

Just how long was that last poll up for - three months? I'm pretty sure I timed it for the release of that Katherine Heigl-Josh Duhamel vomit-fest about them raising somebody's baby, but who can be sure? Anyway, Heigl didn't win, but considering that she's the only one of the contenders that hasn't had massive amounts of plastic surgery (that we know of), her strong 2nd place showing still speaks volumes about what people think of her.

No, instead it was the Chairman of the Board himself that ran away with the contest, taking 57% of the votes and rubbing them all over his freaky-looking face. Just for maximum impact, I've decided to risk you violently clicking away from this page by including a picture of the handsome, funny devil. Ain't he purty?

New poll is reflecting on the 4th b-day of BC by asking you what you'd like to see more of 'round these parts aka what do you miss most from the repetoire you'd grown accustomed to here?

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