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Sep 15, 2010

The most creative spam message I've received lately

You really got the guts to break up with me over email, you f#$k??!?!

Tell you what! I just made a nice compilation of your/our best scenes and put it up for download on (link that I won't be clicking on)

Oh and btw: This email just went out to your parents. I bet they didn't know you're into dirty stuff like this.


Your ex

Well, that got a laugh out of me, anyway.

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Univarn said...

Man where do I upgrade to this quality of spam message? I'm still stuck on penis enlargement and illiterates. Perhaps there should be a spam trade up service for those seeking better quality?

Simon said...

I think I'll get into the spam business. Seems lucrative.

Dan Stephens said...

Why don't I get spam like this...I just get emails from banks that I don't bank with telling me my online access has been compromised. Not only do I not want to be reminded of the banks, it offers no amusement to my day like a phantom ex telling me she's put sex tapes up on the internet.

Fletch said...

I upgraded to Premium Spam. If you want the link, just let me know...