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Sep 28, 2010

March to Box Office Madness 2010 Final Results

We have a winner! Some six months later, the spring/summer box office season can finally be declared finished, and with it, the March to Box Office Madness 2010 game.

It was a tight race all the way down to the wire, but our winner, with 65 points (out of a possible 76) is Justin G., who topped the "record" for total points (I say "record" because this is only the second year of the game) of 64 points by last year's winner, Wayne (of Reel Whore). (Wayne ended this year tied for 14th with 49 points.) Bringing up the rear, with an impossible 10 points, was Clarabela, who obviously will need a partner next year (sorry, I had to call you out - it takes talent to score that low in this game!).

As it happens, I got 2nd place with 62 points, but since I was one of the prize-givers for 2nd place (see below), I'm going to defer. The prize I was scheduled to give to the 2nd place winner will be added to the 1st place booty; likewise, I'll ask Wayne to transfer his 2nd place offering to the 3rd place player, Neil A, who tallied 60 points. I will be in touch with all prize winners and offerers in the next few days to co-ordinate efforts.

First place:
* From Rachel of Rachel's Reel Reviews, a $25 gift certificate to a large movie theater chain (one in the area of the winner),

* From Joshua of The Discordic Adventures of Fnord, a set of five DVDs, including A Nightmare on Elm Street (Limited Special), My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, and Revolver.

Second Place:
* From me, the standard DVD of your choosing (up to $19.99) from Amazon, (going to the first place winner)

* From Wayne, a set of two DVDs, Transformers and Spider-Man 3. As Wayne stated, "Both of those should be appropriate since they are summer box office breakers." (going to the third place winner)

Third Place:
* From This Guy of This Guy Over Here, "If I finish my eBook by then, I'll be happy to throw that in the pool of prizes... value will be $4.99 haha... but that's a big IF,"

* From me, a brand new t-shirt of insignificant value.

To view the final bracket in PDF form, click here (or if you wish to save, do a "Save Target As"): http://blogcabins.webs.com/march2madnessmaster2010final.pdf

Here are the complete and final standings; if you think I've made an error, be sure to let me know within three (3) days of this post. Due to the possibility of an error, prizes will not be sent until such time has passed. Click here to read all about the game.

Finally - THANKS FOR PLAYING! I look forward to doing it again next year.

Justin G.65
Neil A.60
T.L. bugg57
Joshua R.57
Lindsay S.55
This Guy Over Here51
Luke T.51
Dodge This!50
Andy H.47
Matt N.47
John B. 47
Alex S.47
Scott K.46
Sebastian G.44
Mike M.43
Travis M.40
Linda S.40
Jason S.38
R.D. P.37
Scot N.37
Kid Vegas34
Aiden R.32
Andrew K.32
Michaël P.30

All box office data from Box Office Mojo.

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Anonymous said...

I missed this event. Are you doing one for the fall?

Justin Gott said...


Thank you. . . thank you.

Fletch said...

Kai - nope. But next March is right around the corner, and there'll be the Oscars pool in between.

Justin - You earned it! Hell of a showing.

Vancetastic said...

I curse my faith in the Shrek movies to forever (after) top the box office, no matter how poor they may be. Oh, and my inability to immediately recognize Eclipse as the name of a Twilight movie.

Fletch said...

Vance - Oh wow - you really did have a lot of faith in Shrek, no? Number 1 overall?

As for Eclipse, I might feel guilty for you, but it was seeded number 1, after all, and you'd think that all of the top seeds would be flicks that you were (or at least ought to have been) wildly familiar with.

Vancetastic said...

You're definitely right about that, and I can offer only two things in my defense, keeping in mind that I don't remember the experience of filling out the bracket with super clarity:

1) I know I did not make special note of the seedings, for which I obviously have only myself to blame;

2) I may have been voting with my heart rather than my head, as I do whenever I lose my Oscar pool. Actually, I voted with my head on Shrek (I've seen only the first movie, did not like it, but noted the extreme box office bravura of the sequels) and my heart on Twilight (not wanting to admit the level of phenomenon that this was/is). I guess I was damned if I did and damned if I didn't.

Can't wait for 2011!