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Aug 3, 2010

Poll results; new poll

For the last poll, I tried to pick the three "consensus" best films from six of the most prestige working (and youngish) directors of the day, curious to see whose body of work you all thought (more or less) would stand the test of time the best. Let's just say that Darren Aronofsky had better not stop working any time soon.

It was a three-way race between Tarantino, Nolan and Fincher, and in the end, QT eked out an 11-10 victory over the Fight Club director. The Anderson (Wes and Paul Thomas) join Darren as the guys most in need of love from film geeks, with poor showings for them as well.

New poll asks you to prognosticate which of the more loved (and still widely seen, mostly) films from the first seven months of the year will end up with a Best Picture nomination - choose all that you think will make the cut.

6 people have chosen wisely: on "Poll results; new poll"

Nick said...

Now I just chose "Best Picture" possibilities, not "Best Animated" or "Best Documentary."

I went with Inception and Winter's Bone.

Alex said...

I don't actually have any concept of Winter's Bone's chances, so my pick was really just me hoping super hard that it gets nominated (in every category!). Otherwise Inception and Toy Story 3 seem like safe bets.

Not sure about I Am Love and The Kids Are All Right... they seem up for smaller noms but maybe not Best Pic by the time all the Oscar-bait movies come out in the fall.

Olive said...

Haven't seen some of these yet, as they haven't made their way over to this side of the pond. Inception seems like a pretty safe bet as Alex says though.

Fitz said...

Solid: Inception, The Kids Are All Right

Maybe: Toy Story 3, Shutter Island, How to Train Your Dragon

Not: I Am Love, Restrepo

Fletch said...

Nick - right, just Best Pic possibles.

Alex - much as Winter's Bone is loved, I don't see it garnering many nods, though of course Lawrence is almost a shoo-in.

All - I like Inception and TS3 as guarantees, and Kids All Right as a solid contender. That's it, though. No way two animated flicks make the cut, I Am Love is way too obscure (and not overwhelmingly loved enough to overcome that), not sure about Restrepo (too early), but I doubt it, and Shutter won't be seen as "prestige" enough.

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