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Jul 29, 2010

LAMBcast #32

You want over-analysis? You got it, friend. Nick, Tom, Rachel, Sebastian and myself gathered to take the trip down the rabbit hole that is Inception, engaging in a discussion full of spoilers (FULL OF SPOILERS) about Chris Nolan's latest mind-bender. We talk theories, strengths, weaknesses, and just where the most-discussed film of 2010 ranks amongst the Dark Knight director's best works? Detractors, prepared to be annoyed.

Despite the lengthy discussion, we still squeezed in some time for a pair of LLS games and some Trailer Talk about The Town and Faster.

As usual, the music, as provided royalty-free by Kevin MacLeod's Incompetech website, is the bomb. Big thanks to Kevin for providing this service.

Also, we're still on iTunes, and would still love a review, even if it's a bad one. Thanks for listening!

FYI: I started a dedicated Facebook page for the LAMBcast. I'll still post something here when a new episode is released, but if you're looking for a central place for commentary, suggestions, complaints, etc., go here.

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