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Jul 18, 2010

Anyone else noticing a theme here?

William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet

Shutter Island

And it happens again in Inception, which upon seeing I let out an audible chuckle, surely the only person in the theater that thought the image of Leonardo washing his face was humorous. I tried to find more examples from his previous works, but the interwebs let me down. I was able to find thousands of images from The Departed, only to learn that I was incorrect in assuming he had a face-washing moment in that film. Meanwhile, I couldn't find enough screencaps from films like Revolutionary Road, The Beach, The Aviator or Catch Me If You Can (the most likely guilty parties in my estimation) to determine if he really did have such a moment in any of them. I was, however, able to scan all of The Basketball Diaries via NWI; I'd seen it before and thought it might have one, but, while there's many a bathroom scene, I never did see a splash to the punim.

Can you recall a "Leo washes his face" scene from the actor's career? I'm oddly transfixed by this, thinking he's made it a requirement of the director, under the impression that it adds loads of character to his role.

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Kaiderman said...

haha... yes! When it happened in Inception I leaned over to my wife and said "Get ahold of yourself, Teddy!"

simoncolumb said...

ha ha! I noticed that too - though I was only recalling 'Shutter Island'... then again, he drowns to death in Titanic so... does that count?


Rachel said...

Can't think of any others at this time, but my mom went to see Inception before I did and she told me her first thought when Leo washed up on shore at the beginning was "Oh, so Jack Dawson did survive." So of course that was my first damn thought when I went to see it a few hours later.

Fletch said...

There certainly seems to be something going on with Leo's career - water (even outside of face rinsing) keeps popping up: a couple of you mentioned Titanic, but there's also The Beach, too. I think Leo might be part Mer-man.

Simon said...

I think he had one in Gangs of New York, but my memory's fuzzy.

Nick said...

M. Night Shyamalan is obsessed with water, too. Would that make Leo his wet dream?

(buh dum, psh... on more than one level!)

Sasha (The Final Girl Project) said...

Yeah, I said, "Get ahold of yourself, Teddy!" in the middle of the theatre on opening night. I'm sure people were pissed.