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Jun 24, 2010

Poll results; new poll

By a wide margin, you chose Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Monkey Fighting Shias as the clubhouse leader in the "worst ending" department. Funny, I hated the movie almost in totality; the ending was surely ridiculous enough to be put on that list, but I'm a bit surprised it won - and so handily. Though I can't remember what I did vote for - probably A.I. It should also be noted that the great Steven Spielberg has three entries on that list; I know it's neither a scientific nor comprehensive list, but if you look around the 'net, you'll see his films often on lists of films with terrible endings. And Minority Report could certainly be considered for such lists as well, especially if you ask Mrs. Fletch.

New poll piggybacks on to the Favored Five I just put up of Tom Cruise flicks. A few people have already chimed in in the comments with their favorites - what's yours?

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Univarn said...

My favorite film ending story was after I saw 300 for the 2nd time with a friend who aptly pointed out "that was such a BS Oscar ending." - making reference to the fact that *SPOILER* just about everyone died.

My only response was shock, followed by a "did you even pay attention in history class, or is that just a 7 letter word to you?"

As for this poll, I think Crystal Skull "win" (or lost depending on point of view) because it was bad throughout, not the worst ending. I'm really convinced WotW should have won that hands down.

Signs was bad, but not obtrusive or drawn out. And I like Minority Report, and its ending, so :P

Nick said...

I voted for "No Country," but I've already gone into extensive detail on why, so I won't bother again :P .

As for favorite Cruise flick, I had to go with Collateral. I love that movie, and it's so unlike Cruise.

Fletch said...

Uni - Ugh, I don't *hate* Minority Report's ending, but does Spielberg so often have to go back to the Super Happy Mega Ending well? It was kinda sickening for M.R.

You should go with your friend to more movies with historical backstories. Could be a good time.

Nick - I don't get all of the Collateral love. I didn't even finish watching it...not that it was terrible or anything, but I just kinda forgot about it and had to return the DVD or something. Obviously didn't make that big of an impression.

Nick said...

Fletch: Try watching it again... all the way through this time :P . It's an excellent movie, and Cruise gives a fantastic performance.

Fletch said...

Some time, Nick.