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Jun 10, 2010

Poll results; new poll

Well I bitched, and you finally answered - thanks! The people hath spoken, and by a narrow margin, they demand more Nic Cage-hating from this site. Apparently, my taking down of the "unless you like Nic Cage" subhead with the template change has made quite an impact. Well, Dwellers, The Sorcerer's Apprentice is just around the corner, and Season of the Witch has to be coming soon, so I shall step up my Cage-related activities.

You also miss FF-UN - me too! So I posted one yesterday that had been sitting in my hopper for some time now, waiting to be finished. Now I just need to pay more attention to all those FF-UNs out there waiting to be recognized.

Things to Click On may or may not return in the near future, and I'll do my best to be a good little monkey and come up with new stuff.

New poll comes days after having seen Splice, which might not belong on a list of awful endings, but it's fresh in my mind and is pretty ridiculous, and it's my site and I'll include it if I want to, damnit. Anyway, I'm wondering, from the films listed, which ended worst? Could be it just fell flat, could be it was ridiculous. Is probably both.

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Univarn said...

Darn you Nic Cage! He always sneaks in there. He's like a chicken without its head still roaming around. Oh well.

As for the new poll I'm going War of the Worlds. The over the top cheesiness of it, completely ignoring the point of the novel, and unbelievability of it (out of the entire town that one street is the only street not destroyed!?).

Though I am among the few detractors who enjoy Sunshine's finale. While I haven't seen Splice (nor do I intend to following reviews).

Nick said...

I had to go with No Country For Old Men. The last 20 minutes of that movie destroyed the entire thing for me. It was between that and Sunshine, but at least Sunshine has a mostly bearable third act that somewhat makes sense in the realm of the movie. NCFOM's third act just ruins and makes pointless everything that came before it.

Fitz said...

No Country for Old Men's ending actually ties the whole film together. It just takes a little work to see.

If the Coens had a Chiguhr and Moss shoot-it-out finale it would have been lazy and just as dumb as any other crappy actioner.

JacksSmirkingRevenge said...

I like the endings to No Country and Signs. And while Sunshine takes a 180, i still found it entertaining.

AI got my vote, I loathe that movie.

Nick said...

Fitz: So instead of having a regular actioner, we get an even lazier nothing of an ending. I know it's how the book ends, too, but it would have actually taken MORE effort come up with a satisfying climax than have the insipid anti-climax the movie used. The non-violent, totally banal ending went against everything the movie had actually been leading up to... so I really don't think it tied the whole movie together. In fact, it did just the opposite--it unraveled the whole thing, making the previous 100 minutes pointless. There was no higher purpose to the choice it made, no "so different and unexpected, it's brilliant." It was just crap and a cop-out :P .

Fletch said...

Uni - had I loved the first 100 minutes of War of the Worlds, I might agree with you. It wasn't terrible, but I didn't find that the rest of it was so great as to make me hate the end. But I know it bothered a lot of people. Very Happening-ish...

I'm with Nick on the No Country ending. Hated the non-ending for Brolin's character.

AI was just a fucking bizarre head-scratcher.

Heather said...

War Of The Worlds for me. Staying true to the source material or no, the last forty minutes of that movie was one of the worst endings I've ever had to sit through, and what made it worse was how great the first two acts were. I felt completely robbed by the ending.