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May 7, 2010

Ladies of the 80s Tournament - CHAMPIONSHIP Round: Elisabeth Shue (1) vs Molly Ringwald (6)

Previous results: See below. Click here to view the updated full bracket.

Before we get to today's vote, let's do two things. First, give yourselves a pat on the back as I thank you so much for voting and offering your takes on the matchups of the day, every day for the last month or so. It's been a fun diversion, but only because of all of the back and forth between you guys and gals.

Second, let's take a look at the road these brave women took to get to the championship. Please cue up "Wind Beneath My Wings" on your iPod and/or other listening device.

Elisabeth Shue

So I was the one with all the glory,

P.J. Soles

while you were the one with all the strength.

Tanya Roberts

A beautiful face without a name for so long.

Rae Dawn Chong

A beautiful smile to hide the pain.

Phoebe Cates

Elisabeth Shue

80s Highlights: The Karate Kid, Adventures in Babysitting, Cocktail, Back to the Future, Part II

Molly Ringwald

Did you ever know that you're my hero,

Donna Dixon

and everything I would like to be?

Kelly Preston

I can fly higher than an eagle,

Jennifer Connelly

'cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

Demi Moore

Molly Ringwald

80s Highlights: Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink

15 people have chosen wisely: on "Ladies of the 80s Tournament - CHAMPIONSHIP Round: Elisabeth Shue (1) vs Molly Ringwald (6)"

Wendymoon said...

Molly, no question. Come on, she's the 80s princess!

Alex said...

My this is exciting, but I am sorry the tournament is over! I'm sticking with Molly for this because she is totally the definitive 80's teen. Plus I like redheads.

Univarn said...

I've ridden the Ringwald train this far, not going to get off now. Not saying she's a better actress, and she definitely hasn't had the same career. But her three films with Hughes just owned that 80's.

Reel Whore said...

Come on people, Elisabeth Shue deserves this!!

I've already been disappointed Cruise beat out the Sway, this is all I have left!

Fletch said...

I'm unsurprisingly putting my weight behind the Shue. Is she on her own as culturally relevant as Ringwald. No, and I should be weighing that more, but call me nuts: I prefer her in the looks department, and I'll take the duo of The Karate Kid and Back to the Future part II over any due of Molly's flicks, despite their adoration. Now, if Molly were in Ferris Bueller's Day Off...then I'd have myself a conundrum.

Shue by a nose.

Reel Whore said...

You tell 'em Fletch.

Don't *uck with the babysitter, Ringwald!

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

Looking back at Ringwald's first two rounds she barely won, which means most people still had their sanity, then somehow in round 3 a bunch of you went insane. She should have never made it past Kelly Preston, let's hope Shue can do what every other person should have done.

Moviezzz said...
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Nick said...

Ringwald... Ringwald.

Rachel said...

Molly. Sixteen Candles is my film version of comfort food.

Nick said...

How is Shue winning? Sure, she's good, but Ringwald encapsulated everything that was the 80s.

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

Can we call the win now?

Fletch said...

AnswerMVP - 'Fraid not. As with all of the other Friday matchups, this will run until tomorrow morning.

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

VICTORY!!! *insert maniacal laugh*