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Apr 14, 2010

Lost - Hurley episode

All right kids, I’m back for another episode, I know lately the site is mostly famous for gay rankings of which movie star was sexiest 30 years ago, so sorry to break up the parade. Well, Lost is winding down only a couple of episodes left and they are solving “mysteries” left and right, that toss-out answer of the jungle whispers last night was pretty random, I mean I guess we knew it was ghosts, but was Michael saying the Island was Purgatory, vindicating all the Lost nerds who have been touting that theory since Season 1?

It seems like the producers are finally starting to pick up the pace, and creating some real buzz about the final 6 or 7 episodes, at least with me. Who would have thought back at the beginning of this final season that they would actually be able to put together two good episodes in a row? If they can stay strong down the stretch, it could be quite an emotional conclusion to Lost. And what will I watch next year, my two mainstays Lost and 24 are both calling it quits, and even though its time (I mean I even found myself rooting for the terrorists this season of 24, but that’s a whole different story) it could be a while before television spits out two classics like that again. (At least we’ve got Dex.)

Well, as for the latest episode, there was a little something for everyone in this baby. A healthy dose of Desmond in both realities for me and the ladies, Hugo wandering around annoying everyone for all the hipster doofuses, Libby in a low cut top for the fellas and the drunk drivers out there, that stupid ghost boy for people who enjoy awful acting, and the producers actually moving the plot forward on both sides of the island for everyone fed up with the starting and stopping of plot every week. Anyway, here are some of my witty observations for the week:

- So apparently if you meet some person you were in love with in the other reality, you can see through the veil, as we found out last week with Faraday and Pace. So what was the deal with Libby seeing Hurley and getting a glimpse? Did the writer of this episode even watch Season 2? Libby barely even liked Hurley, she only put up with his awkward fat guy advances on the Island because he threatened to jump off a cliff… must be a crazy chick thing.

- Another thing I noticed is that only people who have died in the original timeline (and Desmondo) seem to be able remember the Island (Faraday, Libby, Chahlie, now Locke). A little coincidental, no? They better not throw some weird twist where it’s the afterlife or something. Also, obviously Juliet is the next logical step, after her spouting that the H-bomb worked with her dying words, hopefully her new role on V doesn’t prevent her from an appearance

- Man, was anyone crestfallen when Hurley ordered his Cluck chicken order and some random doofus complimented him on being the owner? Did Fletch’s boy DJ Qualls big time them and refuse to come back for that role?? A couple of movie hits (New Guy, Delta Farce) and now he’s too famous for a cameo on Lost?? Everyone knows the Lost writers think there are only about 1,000 people in the world, so consequently you’re always bumping into the same people everywhere you go, it was disappointing they couldn’t get Qualls back.

- I also would have liked to hear some explanation on how Hugo won the lottery in this reality, as the Lost nerds pointed out after the premiere, the Island would have blown up before that crazy dude would have gotten the magic numbers off a radio broadcast, and the odds are pretty slim of Hugo winning the lottery just by pure luck…

- So I’ve got the current rosters as something like this: Team Locke - Sawyer, Sayid, Kate, the candidates, ghost Michael, Claire, Lapidus, and some miscellaneous Others VS. Team Jacob – Alpert, Widmore, Jin, Miles, Linus, and some miscellaneous Widmorians. Looks to me like Team Locke is stacked, Chuck Widmore better hope that Dez survived that well fall and he can pick him up in the free agent market…

- I kind of enjoy how the writers use Hugo as a conduit to the fans, like how previously they wrote him a line about those two corpses being time travelers and how stupid that was, and in this episode they had him talking about “a bizarro, alternate reality” and how ludicrous that was. And also wasn’t I the only one using the Seinfeld lexicon of “bizarro Jack, bizarro Kate, etc.” (the Lost nerds use “FST Jack, FST Kate, etc.” for flash sideways time, I guess... stupid nerds) , am I getting delusions of grandeur here, or were the writers indirectly telling me that me and my blog are awesome? Thanks for the hat tip fellas!

Until next week...

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Univarn said...

I absolutely loved this episode. It had everything that makes a Lost episode great, great. You knew once that dynamite went off 10 mins in, this was going to be epic. And it was! Definitely my favorite episode so far this season.

Though I did notice two things:

1. Is it just me or is Desmond a lot more smiley this season? I think he knows something...

2. I'm still annoyed they haven't killed off non-smile glasses girl (the Whidmore camp one who can't act and always looks like she's trying to creep out a smile but can't get it to work). Early pics looks like she'll be in next week heavily. Hoping for some dynamite there.

Also the marketing people who opted to intertwine Willy Wonka (the awesome Wilder speech, heck with Depp) into the Lost promo deserve an award. That was awesome.

JacksSmirkingRevenge said...

random doofus?

Sam Levine is every bit as bigtime as DJ Qualls. Freaks and Geeks. Not Another Teen Movie. Inglorious Basterds!

The Mad Hatter said...

How was there no mention of the wild twist of fate for Ilana??

"Boom goes the Dynamite" indeed

Nick said...

Loved the episode, but I always love Hurley-centric episodes.

And I agree with Univarn... the Willy Wonka tie-in with the promo was epic.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour! Fletch,
Omg! LOL!!!!After reading your first sentence I don't think that at all...By the way, you haven't heard this from me in awhile have you...FLETCH!!!!

Anonymous ;-D

Fletch said...

Univarn - I demand that "non-smile glasses girl" be referred to by her true name: That Crazy Chick from Singles.

JSR - Of course I recognized Levine, but he's nowhere near the mega-huge-mondo star that DJ Qualls is, at least not until he headlines his own movie and/or plays a producer in an awful movie starring Terrence Howard.

DeeDee - Please note that guest blogger Kid Vegas writes these LOST recaps, and he's just playing around. I have it on good authority that he went out and rented every movie from every tournament participant just so that he could make the most informed votes.

All - First Arzt (or whatever his name), no Iliana. That dynamite has sure proved its worth over the seasons.

I dug this ep. I didn't think it great, but any ep with Dez running over someone, a random person blowing up, and Bruce Davidson is a good ep in my book.

Speaking of random people, I was asking Mrs. Fletch this last night - you know, I like Jeff Fahey as much as the next guy, but I don't understand why his character is still on the show. Have they really been having him tag along doing nothing but a random one-liner here or there JUST so that he can fly the plane out in the last ep? As is someone couldn't wing it, 2012-style? If you're gonna have him on the show, at least throw him a stupid subplot or have him show up in sideflashes or something. I feel bad for the guy.

Herrien said...

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This Guy Over Here said...

If I didn't know any better, I'd say I sense a bit of cynicism toward this season?

I like Hurley and his episodes (for the most part) and like that they've decided to make him such an integral part of the show.

Personally, I got chills when Jack and Locke came face to face again. I want closure to that man of faith vs man of science theme.

David Bishop said...

Maybe that jolt of Electromagnetism gave Desmond time flashes into the future again. He's happy because he's the only one who knows how it all ends. It's why he's not fearful either.