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Apr 22, 2010

Lost - Ensemble Episode

All right, a pretty mediocre episode of Lost, although it finished up pretty well so maybe there is still hope for these last 4 episodes. Hey, we knew what we were getting into with this Final Season, we all knew they had created way too many pointless mysteries and left no possible satisfying conclusion. It was an interesting strategy by the producers to say “you know what screw everything that happened so far let’s just do an alternate reality,” do they have some genius endgame in mind for these last four episodes? Who knows, I highly doubt it myself, the Lost nerds all think the two reality will merge, I don’t even know how that is possible, not even considering the laws of physics, just plot wise. Will they just combine them and have two of every character wandering around hanging out with themselves? And if so, will they observe “Timecop” rules of “same matter can’t occupy the same space?” Either way the check is coming due on all their Lost shenanigans, and I don’t think they can cover it.

-I know we’ve all been dreading the forced Jin/Sun reunion, and it was as terrible as expected. The Richard Alpert/ghost wife reunion was way better and we had just met his wife earlier that episode, Jin and Sun have been wandering around for 3 seasons trying to find each other and still no one cared.

-I know I wasn’t the only one thinking it would be awesome if the electrical fence was on and Sun had been electrocuted to death as she ran to Jin. Man, I would have forgiven every bad plot of the last five years if they had done that. They were probably worried that Asian people would boycott their show if they did, stupid wimpy PC world we live in.

-Can’t believe they killed off my favorite character Desmond, how are they going to do these next four episodes without him, what will Widmore do without his secret weapon…and yeah, couldn’t do that with a straight face. Why do they even bother with these fake “deaths?" Has anyone ever been fooled? (Well, maybe there is one gullible rube out there - with all his money invested in some Iowa oceanfront property - who has believed that Jin, Michael, and Sawyer died on the raft explosion, Desmond died in the hatch explosion, Locke died when Ben shot him into that dead body pit, Jin died again when he blew up on the freighter, and numerous others.) Cripes, I’m still waiting for Nikki and Paolo to dig out of the grave they were buried alive in to pitch in for these last couple episodes. Unless they take a dude’s pulse and Dr. Jack announces him dead, he’s still alive. Of course, even that isn’t foolproof as they brought back Patchy for some underwater heroics after he’d been electrocuted to death.

-So looks like the bizarro Islanders are all getting ready for a giant reunion, maybe Desmondo will kidnap them all and fly them over the Pacific, hoping for an Interdimensional timerift… whatever…

-Great nickname by Sawyer for “Widmore’s #2”, seeing as how an actual poop from beloved character actor Alan Dale (The OC, 24) would do a better job acting than that annoying bespectacled girl.

-Coincidental alternate reality islander sighting of the week… Ilyana is a lawyer!!! And she’s reading Christian Shepherd’s will!!!! I’m setting odds on who Jack Jr.’s mother is now: I’ve got Juliet at 3:1, Libby at 5:1, Ana Lucia at 5:1, Widmore’s #2 at 10:1, his original ex-wife at 12:1, Rose at 1,000:1, and the rest of the field at 3:1

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Sarah from Scare Sarah said...

Oh my. I only watched series one... What happened after that?

Univarn said...

This episode wasn't so bad. I liked seeing all the alternate reality characters get together.

Personally Jin is my #2 to Desmond on the fave characters list (since Faraday died). more than anything I was happy Sun and Jin got back together because they had drawn it out for sooooooooooooooo long. Way too long to be honest. But overall, it gets pluses for me for being entertaining.

Tom Clift said...

Totally agree about the electronic fence thing. Would have been awesome

Fletch said...

I can't believe how shitty they've made Sayid's character over the last few seasons. He was amongst the most interesting in the first season, but now? I was actually hoping we'd see that he didn't kill Dez and that fauxLocke would just kill him. He's useless. Even Claire is more interesting, and that's saying something.

I didn't think this ep did nearly enough to move the plot forward, but it seems like I'm in the minority on that.

Dick Albert's my favorite character not named Dez. Jacob is up there, too. I like that actor. Poor Ben. He's another that's been totally emasculated. He deserved a better ending, though I guess he got a good one at the end of last season.

Oh, and any excuse for a pic of Juliet in a bikini top is fine by me.

Rachel said...

The mother of Jack's son has got to be Juliet. He's far too pale to be Anna Lucia's. Plus he has those bright blue eyes, just like Ms. J, who is the only one left, besides Anna Lucia, yet to appear in in the alterante reality.

And the faking of Dez's death serves no purpose.

This Guy Over Here said...

I'll take the Rose odds for $100 down.