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Apr 15, 2010

Ladies of the 80s Tournament - Round 1: Demi Moore (1) vs Kimberly Foster (8)

Previous results: In the lowest-voted-on women's matchup yet, that one hot chick from Teen Wolf beat up on that hot chick from Purple Rain, 19-7. Click here to view the updated full bracket.

Demi Moore

Comments: Yea, this is gonna be a bloodbath. See more in Foster's comments below.
80s Highlights: Blame It on Rio, St. Elmo's Fire, About Last Night, One Crazy Summer, We're No Angels

Kimberly Foster

Comments: Today must be Savage Steve Holland Day. First, we had John Cusack over in the men's competition, and now Moore and Foster, the starring ladies from Holland's second (and last?) film One Crazy Summer. Not enough to get Foster into the tourney? I don't know - Savage Steve's movies are pretty damned sweet, and totally 80s.
80s Highlights: One Crazy Summer, Dragnet, Dallas

8 people have chosen wisely: on "Ladies of the 80s Tournament - Round 1: Demi Moore (1) vs Kimberly Foster (8)"

Alex said...

I just realized something. Is there no Mary Stuart Masterson in this competition? Come on- Some Kind of Wonderful? Chances Are? She's the best, and there are some women here who've only been in like 1 so-so 80's film. I guess her better-known movies are in the 90's though.

Ténèbres à la lumière... said...

Hi! Fletch,
I can't believe that Cusack, won out over Keanu, in the previous poll. Hmmm...Maybe?!?

I just voted for Demi Moore, in this poll, because I'am not familiar with the other actress.

DeeDee ;-D

Reel Whore said...

That's funny, I just voted for the other actress because I am familiar with Demi Moore.

Fletch said...

Alex - we'll call it a personal bias mixed in with an oversight. Never saw her hits of the 80s, always get her confused with Mary McDonnell...I got nothing.

DeeDee - Cusack's not just winning, he's destroying him. I'm a little surprised because Keanu is way better looking, but then again, Cusack was Loyd Dobbler, aka the guy that every woman wanted as a boyfriend in the late 80s.

Tom said...

Never heard of Kimberly Foster.

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

I've never been a big Demi fan so I'll vote for the other girl, whom I've never heard of.

The Film Cynics said...

I'd never ordinarily vote for Demi Moore, but I have no idea who this Kimberly Foster is... It's all about the fame this time.