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Mar 4, 2010

Lost Episode 5

All right a little late checking in with the Lost breakdown, sorry for all the fans constantly hitting refresh all of yesterday trying to find out just what exactly that episode meant. So, maybe going forward, I should just focus on the on-island action, at this point we pretty much all know what we are going to get with these “flash sideways”.

-First off they will be boring and contribute nothing to moving the story forward, in this, the last season.

-Second they will be sort of similar to the lives they had in the flashbacks, but just confusing enough so that they make no sense at all, and subsequently anger everyone, perhaps with the random appearance of a son or brother that somehow an H-bomb in 1977 at a remote island caused to exist.

-Thirdly we know they are going to be unfulfilling, because who gives a crap in the first place what Sayid’s life would be like if he had a brother, and that brother had married his sweetheart. And if by some miracle someone actually did care about this unrelated plot, why would they want to wait around 8 weeks for another installment from Sayid’s bizarro world to see what happens next (maybe only 4 weeks in this case, since his “flash sideways” might overlap with Jin’s).
-And lastly, we know we’ll get a random appearance from another minor Lost character to “delight” the fans with an “OH, so that’s what Keamy would have been up to if he hadn’t been on the island!!!” moment, we also know these random appearances will be stupid, and of course make no sense compared to all we’ve learned in the first 5 seasons.

So unless they are going to give a Desmond “flash sideways” where he remembers everything and ties it all together (or at least toss us a Boone “flash-sideways” for nostalgia sake), I think we’d all be okay if they just cut their losses went back and reedited all future episodes to remove them, I guess until then we’ll just accept that there are about 100 plotholes in each “flash-sideways”, and we’ll try to focus on any part of the show that might actually make sense.

As for the on-island action, I can’t really remember what happened, I know it was a Sayid episode, so he was probably up to something, I think he fought samurai guy or something, I can’t remember who won. I vaguely recall Kate running around annoying everyone, as per usual, she finally reunited with Claire, something might have happened there. I don’t remember seeing Sun, Jin, Ben, Richard, Sawyer, Jack or Hurley; so that probably means they’re resting up for next week.

Next week’s episode is a Ben episode, so he’ll probably be up to something then, hopefully chilling with Alpert. After that they’ll probably toss in a Sawyer or Hurley episode since we won’t have seen them in 3 or 4 weeks, and will have forgotten what was happening on their respective sides of the Island. So until next week, we’ll all just keep hoping that the producers have some giant miracle up their ass that will somehow tie together five seasons of bizarre mysteries and pointless plots; as an old colleague might say “what a show!”

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David Bishop said...

I don't think the Flash Sideways stuff will be pointless. I think it will have a consequence on the timeline we're already familiar with, and I think when it does, we'll be just as lost as confused as ever.

Univarn said...

I do agree with ^^David on the flash sideways.

This past week had a lot of action but little going on. It basically served the purpose of killing off the samurai and his partner.

Sun and Ben show up with Frank and other girl (who i can't remember) to get some of the members out, beyond that they're 5 minutes went by rather quickly and unexpectedly.

Nick said...

I enjoyed the episode and, believe it or not, have gotten used to reading these posts now and like to hear what you think (even though I vehemently disagree with them--besides the Desmond thing, which is a given). So I felt this post was a bit underwhelming. But I assume life got in the way, which is understandable. Then again, you know what they say about assuming.

Also, I was gonna say, but Univarn said it first, that Ben and the rest did show up there at the end during the temple raid (which was pretty cool).