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Mar 3, 2010

Initial Thoughts #6

Last Time Out: JSR won again, with a 6-2 victory over the only other player wise/dedicated/crazy enough to get points, simoncolumb.

I'm going to give you the initials of a number of characters from a movie. It won't always be the same number of characters, and the initials won't always stand for a proper name. You name the movie. Simple enough? I thought so.

The Movies
1. IF, GS, FW, JK, AS, L
2. CB, SJ, CY, MH, MB
3. AG, ES, IM, JH, RA, DN
4. JC, HH, TD, KH
5. NJ, HH, MKJ, SF
6. BL, W, JYC
8. DL, KM, AM, JK, JL
9. CB, BP, CWM, BB
10. WHB, JGS, JCC, RB,
11. CP, HZ, KF, MW
12. PB, D, J, D, SP, TB, CV

Good luck!

Jack's Smirking Revenge - 4
Arjun - 1

Correct answers so far:
1. Fletch (JSR)
2. Sex in the City (JSR)
3. Jurassic Park (JSR)
4. GoodFellas (JSR)
6. Toy Story 2 (JSR)
8. The Karate Kid (JSR)
10. Young Guns (Nic Cage)
11. Get Shorty (JSR)

9 people have chosen wisely: on "Initial Thoughts #6"

simoncolumb said...


4. Jesus Christ possibly. Dogma. Last Temptation. Jesus of Nazareth. Passion.

I went to IMDB. Nothing. Not Charlies with a second name beginning with C.

H ... Harry ... Harry Lime. No. Harry Guy from Speed.

JK ... JK Rowling.


I have nothing.

kid vegas said...

1. has to be a Fletch movie right? ive never seen any of them, ill go with Fletch lives.

Fletch said...

Simon - you know I just had to find a movie with a JC character to mess with you, right? :D

Nic - bingo.

KV - you know, normally I'd give it to you, but since you claimed you hadn't seen either, I must penalize you. If it were possible, I'd give you -1.

JacksSmirkingRevenge said...

1. Fletch

But you should probaly just mark that one blank since KV laid itout for us.

JacksSmirkingRevenge said...

2. Sex in the City
3. Jurassic Park
4. Goodfellas
6. Toy Story 2
8. The Karate Kid
11. Get Shorty

Fletch said...

yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

simoncolumb said...

I cannot believe this! My two favourite films ever - Jurassic Park and Goodfellas - and i didn't get them.

Im in shock.

Fletch said...


5. The Jerk
7. Steel Magnolias (god, I was hoping someone would get this...)
9. Bonnie and Clyde
12. The Outsiders