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Mar 11, 2010

LOST - Ben Linus episode

Greetings Lost fans! Well the countdown has begun, only 9 more episodes left after this one, and it looks like on island they are starting to build up to the finish. Off island of course they are still wasting our time with the alternate universe, this one was at least fun to watch though since at least it was about Ben Linus, arguably the second best character on the show. Of course there was the infuriating coincidence of his alternate reality French daughter landing in his school district, but whatever we know those are coming at this point. I’m almost starting to buy into JackSmirkingRevenge’s theory that these alternate stories are all in their heads, Ben’s bizarre life played out exactly like the decision he was lamenting about, choosing between his daughter and his “destiny”, only as a regular joe he took the bullet for the team so Alex could head off to Yale. Here are some more episode points and theories in easy to read bullet form:

-Some balls on that principal responding to Ben’s threat to get him fired with a counteroffer of recommending Alex for Yale, of course this was to give Ben a second chance to pick Alex, as discussed, but I don’t think anyone would have hated if Island Ben leaped into his body and beat him within an inch of oblivion, then exposed his affair, then went ahead and killed him if he still had the balls to “bury” Alex

-I almost didn’t mind the Arzt cameo, that guy has always been a character, but was it easier to hack e-mail accounts back in 2004, otherwise what is Arzt doing as high school teacher? He also discovered all those new Island species back in the Nikki/Paolo episode, they should have kept him on the show as the professor to Jack’s Gilligan.

-On island, I think we were all rooting for Ben to just kill Illyana and embrace the dark side when he had the chance, she’s easily claimed most annoying character honors this season grabbing the torch from past winners such as Keamy, Walt, and Charlotte

-So I guess they settled the Alpert mystery, putting him as a slave on the Black Rock as many Lost message board nerds had theorized, and carbon dating him at somewhere around 400 years old

-Apparently Jack has embraced his role as future Jacob, maybe he will start getting superpowers in time for the finale and the looming war against Locke, Sawyer, Claire, and Sayid, or maybe he will use his superpowers to warp into the alternate reality and hang out with his son, who knows, but at least Jack is actually doing something these days, next episode it looks like he’ll start pumping Alpert for answers, let’s just hope we like what we hear…

-Nice little mini-cliffhanger with Charles Widmore approaching the Island in a submarine, should set up for an interesting episode next week, provided they don’t switch over to Kate, Sawyer and whoever else, and leave us high and dry, also I don’t want to jinx anything, but hopefully Chuck Widmore’s appearance leads to a sighting of one of his old adversaries… Scottish fellow, likes to say “Brotha”, happens to be shagging Chuck’s daughter… last time we saw Charles he, Eloise, and Penelope were in the waiting room in an LA hospital…

-So there are 9 episodes left, I read some article this week about how the show producers said a lot of mysteries are going to end up unresolved, hopefully they focus on the on-Island stuff like who are Jacob and his enemy, and not waste so much time on the alternate reality stuff, like “why does Sayid suddenly have a brother”. With 9 eps left, you’ve got to figure we’ll get stuck with a bizzarro Hurley, Jin/Sun and Sawyer episode, at least one more Jack and Kate bizarro episode, the finale will probably be a two hour special focusing on everyone, leaving us two wildcard episodes, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one is a Desmondo ep, with him traveling through time and dimensions, tying together this whole “sideways” fiasco

-Also one of the commenters to that article had a pretty funny remark that I thought I’d pass along. “The creators to Lost game plan: Phase 1 – Make up a bunch of mysteries. Phase 2 - ????. Phase 3 – Profit.” You could do worse for a business model than those savvy South Park underwear Gnomes.

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Jason said...

Thought I'd just mention quick that Sayid's brother was shown in one of Sayid's flashbacks. Sayid was a child, and Sayid's dad was asking his brother to slaughter a chicken. His brother wouldn't do it, so Sayid did it instead. So, Sayid's brother wasn't a quick insert by the writers. *Push up black framed glasses*

David Bishop said...

I wasn't rooting for Ben to kill Illyana at all. I'm a different kind of audience member. I like to see people find redemption more than spiral downward, which is why last week's episode with Sayid unnerved me a bit (still liked it though). Illyana granting Ben mercy and Ben making the decision not to go back to Ol' Smokey was one of the more emotionally satisfying moments of the series for me. Besides, I don't find her annoying.

Seeing Jack become a man of faith is certainly pretty interesting too.

Nick said...

I actually agreed with a lot of stuff you said this week. Not everything, but more than usual. Good post!

Fletch said...

Jason - thank you for the nerdly accuracy. ;)

David - though I do find Illyana annoying, I have to agree that I enjoyed seeing Ben find some redemption, though I do hate to see him so emasculated, if only because I can't see that character really ever getting to that point of desperation. The guy's been a strong force for decades, yet the events of the last few years have just turned his world upside-down.

Nick - you've come full circle!