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Feb 24, 2010

LOST Episode 4

All right, back for episode 4, I appreciate all the kind words everyone had to offer my breakdowns thusfar; they really are the best Lost theories, criticisms, and tidbits on the world wide web. And as Blog Cabins superfan Nick stated, settle down with the grammar police fellas, we’re blogging on a free blogger website, none of us is going to win a Pulitzer. If you want great writing take a page from our boys Desmondo or Nick and stick to exclusively reading Charles Dickens or internet porno stories, respectively; now there are two sources with great storylines. And hey, I’m as big a Lost fan as the next guy, it was great watching back around Season 3 and 4. Let’s not kill the messenger, it isn’t my fault the writers painted themselves into a corner with all their bizarre mysteries that have no explanation and are subsequently submitting a turd final season.

Now let’s delve into this episode, they finally decided to move the plot forward a little in an episode that was shockingly almost decent!!!! Plus the “flash sideways” actually served a purpose this week. Amazing… I’m still not sold on these, I probably would have rather seen a flashback from the original timeline where Jackie was getting it on with the prom queen after the dance and then Jacob knocked on the car door and offered him a rubber, but the point was made, apparently Jacob has been watching and interfering in Jack’s life for decades. Jake somehow prevented Jack him from having a kid originally, and I guess he has Jack pegged as the #1 seed in the candidate bracket. It looks like they are shaping up to have one of the candidates take over the reins in the season finale, I think they are down to five left. Here are some more notes on the episode, in bullet form:

-They just couldn’t resist a random appearance from an Islander in Jack’s bizarro world, with samurai dude having some phenom piano playing kid also, absolutely terrible as seems to be par for the course. Obviously Samurai’s not getting his own “flash sideways” ep, but do we really need to know what he’d be up to if the island hadn’t imploded back in the 70s?? Also if he was an Other back then wouldn’t he have been blown up, I’m a little iffy on his timeline, but we at least know Ben was on the Island when the h-bomb was detonated, yet he seemed fine last week as a random school teacher. We’ll just write it off as one of the hundreds of plot holes I guess.

-That was pretty funny how they had Hurley rattle off the enduring Lost nerd theory that the two skeletons were actually some of the plane crash survivors stuck in the past from time traveling, then had Jack look at him like he was a complete retard. At least they put that “mystery” to bed.

-I kind of enjoy the psycho Claire, I haven’t seen a solid axing to the chest that good since Scatman Crothers got his in the Shining

-Nice also to see Claire aligned with “Locke”, and now having a grudge against Kate, this could lead up to my hope of an all out Island war with Team Jacob facing off against Smokey/Locke, Claire, Sawyer and Jin, and the winner gets the Island

-Lastly, here are the top five “mysteries” we hope they wrap up before the show’s conclusion:

5. What is the deal with this alleged sickness that is afflicting Claire, and possibly Sayid? I guess it’s supposed to be the same sickness that took out Rousseau’s team. How is this related to the smoke monster?

4. Why did the writers think it would be a good idea to create an alternate reality? Was there not enough sci-fi-iness with all the time traveling, monsters, magic, and super-powers? And why couldn’t they make an alternate reality that didn’t suck, and mainly sticks to showing us lame uninteresting things we already knew?

3. Will Ben finally get his chance to ice Charles Widmore? And why is Chaz such a dick?

2. How did Jacob, Smokey, and Alpert come to the Island?

1. Why would they completely write off their best character, yet keep his name in the credits just to taunt us? Come on what does it take to get some Desmondo up in this piece?? I wouldn’t even mind if they had another gaping plot hole to get him into the mix; hell, have him develop another superpower and fly onto the Island Superman style for all I care. It’s getting to the point where I almost wouldn’t mind seeing him pop up randomly in someone’s “flash sideways” doing something stupid that makes no sense at all to the plot… I just miss his face…

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Nick said...

Huh... I loved Hurley and Claire in this episode, but I actually think this was the first episode this season where I had some problems with it. Before, you said it was trying too hard... but this is the first episode where I really thought it was trying too hard. For instance, "Hey mom, by the way, just randomly and out of nowhere, when did I get my appendix taken out? I can't remember." Seriously, it's like "Oh, he got his appendix out as a child because we couldn't take it out on the island." It had no real lead-in and no purpose otherwise.

Nick said...

Oh, and internet porno stories are freakin' epic. Like, you don't even *know*.

David Bishop said...

You know what, Desmond is actually my favorite character of the whole series, so I'm on board with whatever crazy plot contrivance they need to use to make him a major player.

BostonSucksMyBlog said...

Great writeup. at least 50x more entertaining than the ep. Personally I hated the ep, maybe my least favorite in the history of the show. I just dont care anymore. They shoulda wrapped this shit 2 seasons ago.

Fletch said...

Damnit, I had a big long comment all typed up and then Blogger decided to take a shit.

Let me sum up: ok ep, we already knew Jacob was watching the characters, Claire is boring, glad to see Hurley getting some good action/lines again, bring on the brother brother.

kid vegas said...

Thanks fellas, yeah I read some article on LA times or something and I guess everyone is hypothesizing that the person Jake said coming to the island was Dez, but never forget people are idiots, I thought it was pretty obvious noone was coming and that was just one of Jake's ruses.

Agreed with my old pal Boston, I'm definitely ready for the show to be over, you can only put up with so many onsensical plots over the course of a show.

And agreed Nick, Chuck Dickens has nothing on internet porno stories, those babies never diappoint...

JacksSmirkingRevenge said...

I was critical of you last week KV, but this week I really enjoyed your write.

Maybe I am alone here, but I dont think the alernate timeline actually "exists." I think it is all their heads. The whole appendix scar thing reinforces the belief. I dont think it was the writers trying too hard, but more of a clue at what is really going on. Jack having the scar and not knowing how he got it is his subconscious trying to break through.

Nick said...

JSR: That's an interesting theory, and one that I toyed with briefly in the first episode of the season (because Jack seemed to be conscious of the alternate timeline in that episode).