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Feb 24, 2010

Initial Thoughts #5

Last Time Out: JSR dominated the field with 9 points, earning his 3rd victories in 4 tries. Gonna try another shot at this game, though I'm not sure if anyone is having fun besides him.

I'm going to give you the initials of a number of characters from a movie. It won't always be the same number of characters, and the initials won't always stand for a proper name. You name the movie. Simple enough? I thought so.

The Movies
1. DP, HWP, PS, ES
2. JL, MG, CS, GG, WG
3. JT, WT, DT
4. LK, JC, SB, ST, PK, LR
5. DN, TW, AC, JS, CS, TD
6. B, TSQ, B, R, S
7. C, D, T, J, M, A, T, E
8. BF, GG, CF, DT
9. AS, AH,
10. PV, RS, ES, WZ, DB, LT
11. AW, JW, D (PD), BM, S
12. JP, EL, RC, BM, KE, BW

Good luck!

Jack's Smirking Revenge - 3
Arjun - 1

Correct answers so far:
1. There Will Be Blood (JSR)
2. Fargo (JSR)
3. The Shining (simoncolumb)
5. Caddyshack (JSR)
6. Mallrats (JSR)
8. Wall Street (simoncolumb)
10. Ghostbusters (JSR)
12. Road Trip (JSR)

14 people have chosen wisely: on "Initial Thoughts #5"

JacksSmirkingRevenge said...
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JacksSmirkingRevenge said...

1. There will be Blood
6. Mallrats

I was going to wait awhile before doing these in hopes of driving up the interest of others in the game.
But I glanced at the clues and these 2 jumped out at me.

Anyways, I will wait a awhile before really diving into the game.

Fletch said...

Haha - I appreciate your sportsmanship, but there's no need to do that on my account or anyone else's. If you can't be beat, you simply can't be beat, in which case I'll just amp up the difficulty for future installments - if all else are already more or less not qualified to answer, what's the danger?

BTW, when are you gonna post something on that shell of a blog of yours?

simoncolumb said...

woah! I might be able to take part ...

erm ...

3. The Shining (I know there is Jack Torrence annd they are a family ... and there is three so...)

Fletch said...

3-for-3 so far, guys. We're off to a rip-roaring start...or not.

Jack, unleash hell and feel free to take your 4th (and final) win. Time for this game to go out to pasture.

Fitz said...

I think it is safe to say that Jack will win any of these contests regardless of form and difficulty.

JacksSmirkingRevenge said...

oh well:

2 fargo
5 caddyshack
10 ghostbusters
12 roadtrip

Fletch said...

Fitz - I disagree. Justin rocked the Tagline game and J.D. owns everyone at Stained Glass Cinema. JSR has just come on as of late as the god of this and the Dude/Stuff game.

Jack - correct on all counts. Can't fucking believe you got Road Trip.

JacksSmirkingRevenge said...

I own all six of the movies that i guessed, so that makes it a little bit easier.

on a random note, Ted knight makeas caddyshack. he is a comedic genius and i have long argued that he is the actor that makes caddyshack great.

JacksSmirkingRevenge said...

Also, i own about 500 dvds and when i glanced about upon roadtrip, it became clear that roadtrip was one of the movies.

Also, i have been assuming for weeks that caddyshack and ghostbusters would be 2 of the movies that you selected for this game, so that made those pretty easy.

PPS. it blows my mind that a bunch of people participate in the stained glass game but ignore this game. The initial game seams like it would attrack much more players.

Sorry if this post has rambled a bit, i just got home from the bar and i am a little bit plastered.

simoncolumb said...

okay - lets do this - on some risky random possiblities:

8. Wall Street (GG MUST be Gekko and im sure Sheen was a 'Bud' something)

4. JC - Jesus Christ. Dogma? The Passion of the Christ? The Last Temptation of Christ? Zefferelli's Jesus of Nazarth. Ben Hur?

Fletch said...

JSR - Knight is great, but c'mon, you know I gotta go with Ty Webb. Really, though, it's hard to argue that is wasn't just lightning in a bottle with Chase, Dangerfield, Knight and Murray all together that led to Caddyshack's greatness. Remove any one and the whole thing suffers tremendously.

As for SGC vs. the Initial game, I guess people are just more visual. That and it takes less time; either you know the answer pretty quickly or you ain't getting it. This one requires deeper thought and/or research.

Simon - yes! 8 is Wall Street. Not remotely close with the Jesus Christ connection, but at the least you gave me a laugh. You'll see when the answer is revealed...

Fletch said...

The unanswered:

4. Mortal Kombat
7. Clueless
9. Annie Hall
11. Pretty in Pink

simoncolumb said...

Annie-fucking-Hall. Her name is in the title. Incredible. The other three... Not seen 11. or 4. and 7. ... well, if I remembered that, i'd shoot myself.