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Nov 1, 2009

Stained Glass Cinema Sunday (#65)

If you're the first person to see this and you don't get it, you might as well just stop playing the game. They don't get much easier than this...

J.D. - 12
Fletch - 11
Nick - 6
Wendymoon, Clive Dangerously - 5
Jason/Daniel, David Bishop - 3
Evan Derrick, Jason Soto, BD79, Rachel - 2
Steel11Kane, TonyD, Luke Harrington, Adam Ross, Justin, Anders, Dreamrot, Dave, JLG, Big Mike Mendez - 1

Here are the altered/actual posters from last time:

7 people have chosen wisely: on "Stained Glass Cinema Sunday (#65)"

Fletch said...


Thank you, Rachel.

Next week: I empty out my bin with another impossible one, then scour the internets for new posters.

Jess said...

Damn, another one I actually knew. Good job Rachel!

Nick said...

haha... I wouldn't have gotten that one (but I can see it now that Rachel's said it). But then again, I suck at this game.

Reel Whore said...

Wow, that's the first one I actually recognized! Now you know why I never play. :-)

Rachel said...

Yay, I think I'm up to a whole 3 points now.

Branden said...

Damn. I was going to guess "Big" first.

Oh, well.