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Nov 3, 2009

The Dude That Does Stuff Movie Plot Game #4

Last Week's Results: Myherobobhope practically swept the round, nailing 7/15 right out of the gate.

The concept is overwhelmingly simple; below are 15 movie plots, torn down to their basest base, and invariably involving the words "dude" and/or "stuff." All you must do is name the film. 1 point per correct answer; he/she with the most points wins. Google to your heart's content; it will do you no good. Many films might match the plots you see below, but there is only one correct answer, and that's the one that's in my head when I write it.

Have fun with this stuff, dudes and dudettes. The difficulty level for this edition has hopefully been kicked up a notch, from "pretty damn easy" to "damn, a lot of these are pretty friggin' vague."

1. Dudes are kinda clueless; manage to do important stuff anyway.
2. Dude has to look after dudettes and little dude.
3. Dude feels bad for all the stuff he used to do.
4. Dude really wants to do stuff. Being better than his brother at stuff is a perk, too.
5. Dudes team up and do some pretty gay stuff.
6. Little dude goes forward in time; just wants to go home and stuff.
7. Dude is awesome at counting stuff.
8. Incredibly stupid stuff happens.
9. Dude now has the ability to do all the stuff he wants.
10. Dude talks to another dude about a lot of stuff.
11. Dude hates new dudes and dudettes and their stuff.
12. Little dude becomes a star amongst big dudes.
13. Dude listens to a really long story about two other dudes.
14. Dude loses stuff; learns he didn't really need it after all.
15. Dude gets really pissed off, does a lot of wacky stuff.

As you get them right, I'll mark them as gotten and stuff. Good luck.

Myherobobhope - 1.5
BD79 - 1
Nic Cage - .5

Correct answers so far:
1. Spies Like Us (Myherobobhope)
2. Uncle Buck (JacksSmirkingRevenge)
3. American History X (Jason Soto)
5. Blades of Glory (Myherobobhope)
6. Flight of the Navigator (Jess)
7. 21 (Alex)
8. The Happening (JacksSmirkingRevenge)
9. Bruce Almighty (BD79)
10. Frost/Nixon (Justin)
11. Gran Torino (JacksSmirkingRevenge)
12. Rookie of the Year (Univarn)
15. Falling Down (BD79)

50 people have chosen wisely: on "The Dude That Does Stuff Movie Plot Game #4"

MRs Fletch said...

7 = A Beautiful Mind?

Mrs Fletch said...

4 = Surf's up?

bd79 said...

7. Rain Man
8. Dumb & Dumber
12. Little Big League
15. Falling Down

Fletch said...

I must be getting better. Six guesses, and only one correct. :D

Mrs Fletch said...

hmmmmpt! :)

Univarn said...

#14 Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (way too many films fit that description so this shall be my go to)

12. Rookie of the Year

shall revisit if I have time later....

bd79 said...

I can't freaking believe I picked the wrong movie for 12, so so stupid.

9. Bruce Almighty

Jess said...

6. Flight of the Navigator?

Fletch said...

Univarn - nice job picking up BD's slack on #12. BD - seriously, major missed opportunity there. However, you're right about 9 and Jess is right about 6.

Good show this go-round.

Myherobobhope said...

2. The Pacifier
4. Die Hard 3
5. Blades of Glory
7. Rainman

Jason Soto said...

10. My Dinner with Andre

Jason Soto said...

2. The Pacifier
3. American History X
8. 2012

There, that's all I can come up with.

Fletch said...

One by one, y'all are picking these off, but with no one really pulling away (just the way I like it). bobhope and BD79 lead the way with a scant two each and 8 flicks on the board.

Jason - I was hoping someone would guess Pi for #7, but that ain't it.

bd79 said...

8. The Stupids
14. Its a Wonderful Life

Nick said...

2. Mr. Nanny or Suburban Commando
4. Step-Brothers?
7. I was gonna say 21, but somebody guessed that already. So... Rounders (just in case)?

Fletch said...

Just one more correct out of the last few guesses, as Alex got #7, which was the counting cards flick 21.

Justin said...

I have some guesses

2. Kindergarten Cop
10. Frost/Nixon
11. Gangs of New York

That's it - whew, this is tough. . .

JacksSmirkingRevenge said...

#8 Dude wheres my car
#10 Phonebooth
#13 Secondhand Lions

Fletch said...

Justin/Jack - out of all those guesses, just one right (Frost/Nixon). But as usual, I love seeing how all these other movies work as answers.

bd79 said...

14. Trading Places

Fletch said...

Now this is getting sad...I'm just kicking your collective asses at this point.


Here's a breakdown of what's left:

#2: easy. You all have been dancing all around it, but haven't hit the nail on the head yet. I ♥ this movie, even if it's not great.

#4: a bit harder, but still a film loved by many movie geeks. From the 90s.

#8: this one's tough, but there's something to my choice of words.

#11: this one's pretty vague, but indeed makes sense. Recent film.

#13: the movie isn't about the first dude; hell, he's barely in it.

#14: I'll admit, I think the phrasing on this one is a tad misleading, but again, it works, and points to the larger theme of the movie.

Myherobobhope said...

#2. Mr. Mom
8. The Incredible Mr. Limpet

Bob Turnbull said...

Dude is taxing my brain...

8. Idiocracy?
13. The Princess Bride?

Fletch said...

I feel like Bugs Bunny throwing wicked screwballs. "One, two, three strikes yer out! One, two, three strikes yer out! One, two, three strikes yer out!"

No, no, no, no, no, and no.

Fletch said...

No dice on any of those, Hope.

I think I might have to call this pretty soon; it's getting ugly as hell. By my quick count, you all are 1 for the last 28 guesses.

BD79 and Hope are in line to tie for the win, with 2 points each.

Myherobobhope said...

I thought Forrest Gump and Gone in 60 Seconds were pretty decent guesses... I'm all for calling it and keeping my vague winning streak alive.

Frank the Tank said...

14 - Brewster's Millions?

Fletch said...

Damn! I sure inspired you, Jack. Color me impressed. I talk a bunch of shit and then you come along and hit 3/4 of your guesses on the head, all but guaranteeing yourself of the win.

music videos said...

6. Flight of the Navigator?.....

Fitz said...

14)Jerry Maguire?

This might be a stretch but 13)Fraility?

Fletch said...

music vids - that is correct, but I'm afriad it's already been answered.

Everyone - all right, I'm calling the contest. JSR is our champeen this week. The remaining flicks were:

4. Dude really wants to do stuff. Being better than his brother at stuff is a perk, too. - GATTACA

13. Dude listens to a really long story about two other dudes. - INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE

14. Dude loses stuff; learns he didn't really need it after all. - KINGPIN

Feel free to complain starting...now.

Nick said...


Fletch said...

Non-specific complaints are a.ok.