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Sep 18, 2009

TGITDNMAR (9/18/09)

It's that time again for TGITDNMAR, which (obviously) stands for Thank God It's The Day New Movies Are Released.

Lots to get to, so let's get to it!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
I've been thoroughly unimpressed with the trailer for the latest 3-D animation extravaganza, based off a famous children's book that I'm obviously too old for, having never heard of it.

Oops - Wiki tells me that it was first published in 1978, which clearly doesn't make me too old for it, given that I was 2 that year. Ok, so it was a poorly marketed children's book, at least on the west coast. Damn east coast media bias rearing its ugly head again...

Anyway, like I said - not too interested in this uber-kiddy-looking flick with a goofy, Adrien Brody-looking lead and giant pancakes (har!) falling from the sky. But then the Phoenix New Times (a very trusted review source for me, and regular Thursday reading) posted an overwhelmingly positive review that says the film has more to say about relationships than 1,000 Kate Hudson flicks. Throw in some good sight gags, an interesting vocal cast (Bill Hader, Anna Faris, Mr. T.) and call me curious.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing (in the theater): 43%

Love Happens
Speaking of crappy romantic comedies...

Jennifer Aniston on board? Check. A title straight out of the Romantic Comedy Generic Title Generator? Check. Even worse tagline straight from a similar Generator ("Sometimes when you least expect it...")? Check.

Really, is there any way that this isn't just plain gawdawful, despite the non-Aniston cast (Aaron Eckhart, John Carroll Lynch, Martin Sheen, Frances Conroy, Dan Fogler, Judy ("Say goodbye to...these!" of Arrested Development fame) Greer?

I think not. And I'm sure as hell not willing to spend the $10 to find out.

P.S. - Apparently, the Rom-Com Generic Title Generator does not yet exist, but damnit, it should! C'mon, people of the interwebs, don't let me down on this one.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing (in the theater): 0%

The Informant!
If all you did was read a select list of actor names involved with The Informant!, you might come away thinking it was a porn flick. Howie Johnson? Hans Tester? Ludger Pistor? Joe Chrest? Candy Clark? Dick Smothers? Rusty Schwimmer (a woman, by the way)? Good christ, I'm scared.

Also on the Insider's Insider™ front, were you aware that this is practically Ocean's Fourteen? That's right, kids; not only are Matt Damon and Steven Soderbergh re-teaming for the whistle blowing caper, but Mr. Eddie Jemison (aka Livingston Dell) is also on board. Anything is possible!!!

All silliness aside, as evidenced by the relatively-new "8 Most Awaited Movies this Moment" widget I've added to the sidebar, this flick is high on my "Want to See" list. I could laugh just looking at Damon's prosthetic nose and dorky glasses/hair, but then they went ahead and added folks like Joel McHale, Tony Hale and (comeback alert!) Scott Bakula to the mix. So in.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 100%

Jennifer's Body
I want to care, I really do. Okay, that's not true. I don't really care if I don't care.

"But it's Diablo Cody's Juno follow-up!," you might say. "And Megan Fox is ubiquitously hot!"

Yeah, yeah, I know. But...I don't know. It just looks...I mean...it's horror, so it's already at a disadvantage in my book...and then it kinda reminds me of The Faculty, which wasn't exactly a world-beater. And I'm not 16, so I'm probably not gonna spend $10 just to see more of Fox than I could see on the interwebs (if I were so inclined and had that much free time). There's just...why don't you go see it, and if it blows your goddamn mind, I'll consider it, ok?
Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 6%

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DJ Heinlein said...

Shameless plug, I know, but I watched the Cloudy/Meatballs film earlier this week and shockingly enjoyed watching it. Otherwise, I am just like you and couldn't care any less about the latest 3D fad. I am looking forward to seeing The Informant since I have had heard so many positive things about it from 2009 TIFF.

bd79 said...

The Informant! looks unquestionably good, but I'm really surprised by the fair number of positive reviews for Jennifer's Body (I know RS gave it a 3 star review), and like you, I've seen a lot of good things about Mostly Cloudy as well.

Books, said...

Hi! Fletch,
Thanks, for the TGITDNMAR critique(s)...I too read a hmmm...kind of, positive review of the film Jennifer's Body. Therefore,Jennifer's Body and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs are on my films to watch list too.

DeeDee ;-D

Nick said...

I'm psyched that The Informant! is actually here in town, so I'm seeing that this weekend. But first, I'm going to shame my movie lover title by seeing Jennifer's Body tonight.

I've heard it's more horror/comedy than straight horror, which I like.

Oh, and I happen to love The Faculty.

Luke Harrington said...

I was very disappointed by 'The Informant,' although I'm sure someone will tell me I just didn't get it.

I was also shocked by how much I enjoyed 'Cloudy,' however. Apparently, the rest of the theater agreed with me, as they burst into spontaneous applause when it ended. My glowing review is here, in case anyone cares.

Mrs Fletch said...

I didn't like The Informant either. It's just 2 hours of what you see in the trailer.

TrailerBuster said...

These days you can't really go that wrong with cartoons. Most of them all way better than half of the movies out there. :)

Zach said...

I'm looking forward to seeing Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, it has gotten some pretty good reviews so far. Also, will want to see The Informant. Jennifer's Body? Not so much...Megan Fox isn't even attractive enough to make me want to see this.


bd79 said...

I agree with Nick on the call for The Faculty, that's one of my favorite stupidly enjoyable movies out there. Also, the blonde girl in that is hot as hell and I don't think I've ever seen her in anything again, making her nude scene a one and done classic.

Heather said...

How is Jennifer Aniston still making movies? This one just disappoints because I like Aaron Eckhart so much.

The Informant looks phenomenal and I'm also compelled to check out Jennifers Body. Megan Fox and Amanda Bynes are hot, and there looks to be a level of tongue in cheek humor about it.

Nick said...

Amanda Seyfried, not Amanda Bynes. But Seyfried is hot, too (and she's NERDY-hot in JB).

bd79: I'm pretty sure the blonde girl from The Faculty had a main character role in the great, though short-lived, Showtime series "Dead Like Me." That's if I'm remembering correctly. But yeah, The Faculty is near the top of my guilty pleasure movies list.

Fletch said...

DJ: Thanks - will check out your review of da Meatballs. Might actually go see if it we're jonesing for a flick to see.

BD: The Informant...not as good as hoped for. Review is up.

DeeDee: report back to us, s'il vous plait!

Nick (and BD): I'm no Faculty hater; shit, I watched it a ton of times back when it first hit cable (I think that was when my roommates and I had our, ahem, on demand pass. To think, I actually thought a bright future was in store for Josh Hartnett after seeing it. Not so much...

Oh, and I don't recall this blonde girl you're talking about at all. I haven't see it in years.

Luke: good to hear that Mrs. Fletch and I aren't the only ones not on The Informant! train. I'd like to watch it again come cable time (I actually fell asleep for part of it, though I don't really blame the movie for that), but considering the talent onboard, it was definitely a disappointment.

TrailerBuster: indeed. They surely aren't 100%, but they've got a pretty good batting average.

Zach: agreed across the board.

Heather: good question RE Aniston. I was more than willing to give her breaks after her roles (however small) in Office Space and She's the One (which I actually like quite a bit), but she's not too many steps above Kate Hudson. The difference, though, is that Hudson's flicks somehow make money - at least, enough to keep her employed.

alan orthman said...

it looks she may have escaped total career destruction for a least a little while longer...

Fletch said...

Who, Aniston? 8 mil isn't gawdawful for that type of flick, but it's no career saver, either.

In unrelated Aniston news, saw this on The Soup over the weekend: cruel, but hilarious.