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Aug 7, 2009

TGITDNMAR (8/7/09)

It's that time again for TGITDNMAR, which (obviously) stands for Thank God It's The Day New Movies Are Released.

How can you tell it's August without looking at the calendar?

Easy - just look at the slate of movies. Aside from them being the usual (and much discussed) serving of crapola, what gets me is that I hadn't barely (if at all) heard of two of this week's releases (one of which, Robert Rodriguez's Shorts, I'm not even dignifying with a blurb about below). C'mon studios, we all know that this is the trash heap, but that doesn't absolve you from shoving adverts for them down our throats. I'm a consumer - treat me like one, damnit! After all, if you can't even feign interest in your own product, how can you expect me to?

Julie & Julia
It wasn't until I glanced at that poster the other day while reading a review that I realized that I was starting to get sick of Amy Adams.

Yeah, she's a great up-and-coming actress of the prestige variety, and I'm not trying to be a hater, but with five (5!) starring or 2nd-lead co-starring roles in less than 12 months, she's seriously on the potentially oxerexposed list. Here's her resume over that time:

* Julie & Julia
* Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
* Doubt
* Sunshine Cleaning
* Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Have you had your fill of Adams yet? The good news is that she's down with this run. Only one film on tap for 2010 and one more for 2011. But talk about striking while the iron was hot...
Fletch's Chance of Viewing (in the theater): 7%

A Perfect Getaway
Oh look - it's "Actors that people generally like that generally star in crappy movies" all starring in one crappy movie together. Yes, Steve Zahn, Timothy Olyphant, and Milla Jovavich are the big names in this horror flick that sounds like a cross between Turistas and the upcoming comedy Couples Retreat. As if the thought of seeing Jon Favreau isn't horrifying enough.

Seriously, though - Tim Olyphant, what the f*ck? Are you ever gonna live up to the promise that was Go? You were one of the best things about the 1999 Doug Liman flick, and that's saying a lot, as there was a sh*t ton to love. Yeah, I hear you were good on Deadwood, but a) I didn't watch it, b) it ain't like it lasted all that long, and c) it wasn't a movie. You should be a star, man! Or were you only a one-hit wonder?

Sidenote: I've been clamoring for a sequel to Turistas called Mas Turistas for a few years now. I have no desire to see either the original or my planned sequel, I just like the name.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 0%

G.I. Joe
If there's one thing smart about the Transformers and G.I. Joe adaptations, it's the fact that they made them so many years after their peak popularity that the people that loved them most at the time - people in my general age range (aka early 30s) - are too old to get worked up about how sh*tty they are. I mean, really, it's been two decades since I touched a Joe figurine, at least; wouldn't it be pretty pathetic of me to turn into Supergeek and lambaste them for turning a series full of colorful personalities (and color) into some lame explosion fest where everyone's wearing the same outfit and Mr. Zero Charisma (Channing Tatum) is the star?

Yes. Yes, it would be pathetic.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 11%

Cold Souls
The only contact I've had with this film is from visiting IMDb, where there's been a Flash ad that's popped up from time to time. Thanks to that awesome poster (that they're using the content of in the ads), I haven't minded - it cracks me up every time. Though I still knew nothing of the movie.

Here's the description from IMDb: "Paul is an actor who feels bogged down by his participation in a production of Chekov's play, Vanya. His condition which leads him to an organization that will store his soul while he treads the boards, though complications (and international travel) arise when his soul goes missing."

O....k. Sound Synecdoche, New York-y enough for you? Well, it ought to. And if that weren't enough, Synec alum Emily Watson is co-starring here as well.

Too bad it's only in NY/LA right now. I'm all over this like Steve Zahn on bad movies.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 80%

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Anonymous said...

Pettigrew came out in March 2008 so its not in the last 12 months.

Nick said...

I like Steve Zhan and Milla Jovovich... and I also like David Twohy, the writer/director (he also did Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick), so I mainly want to see it for those reasons.

I just saw G.I. Joe earlier today. I was never a fan of G.I. Joe. I never played with the toys or anything. And I was only mildly interested in the movie (for more, see my review). But despite being a pretty rough movie, it had some pretty cool action, but that's pretty much the only thing it had going for it.

The only thing I knew of Cold Souls was an interview Paul Giamatti did on The Daily Show, and it sounded interesting enough... and I love Paul Giamatti. But again, it's only out in the two cities, so... (and I doubt it'll ever come here).

Though I'm surprised you haven't seen trailers for "Shorts." I see them all the freakin' time, and it's really annoying. Though there was another movie a while back you said you never saw ads for that I (and others) saw all over the place, too...

JLG said...

Yeah - I think I'll be renting movies this weekend.

And BTW I hate Amy Adams. I partially hate Channing Taintum ( I can't ignore the sweet sweet dance moves.)

Fletch said...

Anon - you got me - I didn't do 100% research. Close enough, though, huh? Fact is, when I originally thought of that tidbit, I wasn't even thinking about Pettigrew, but then I saw the "(2008)" on Pettigrew and thought I recalled it being released in the fall. Not so...

Nick - I'm pretty sure I saw one trailer for Shorts a month or so back, but quickly filed it away under "Woohoo, yet another Rodriguez flick directed by his kids..." and haven't seen a thing since.

Fletch said...

JLG - hate Amy Adams? Please tell us why. She seems pretty innocuous to me.

Taintum. Haha. Thankfully, I've avoided the dancey movies to date, outside of maybe Dirty Dancing.

JLG said...

I honestly can't explain it. I'm sure she's a fine actor - she just rubs me the wrong way. Like Carrot Top.

blake said...

In Adams' defense, Sunshine Cleaning was originally released in 2007. It just took forever to get distribution after the festival circuit.

I saw Cold Souls at Sundance this year and it's definitely worth checking out. Especially if you like Gogol's Dead Souls.

Fletch said...

C'mon, people - you're killing me. Forest for the trees! Is she overexposed or what. If you must, consider only Doubt, Smithsonian and Julia over a nine-month span (or 10 or whatever) - is that not enough?

For the record - Sundance or no Sundance, Sunshine's theatrical run was in 09. Fo shizz.

Nick said...

I don't think Amy Adams is over-exposed at all, especially when you look at and compare to people such as the Judd Apatow gang (Seth Rogen or Jonah Hill, for instance).

I like Amy Adams quite a bit, and I don't think 3-4 movies a year is over exposure at all.

Ms☆Go (dcmoviegirl) said...

You know what?

I keep hearing G.I. Joes really isn't that bad! I know, I know...but Stephen Sommers was the guy who brought us Deep Rising (hell yeah! I love that movie!).

Anyway, I'm starting to wonder about Joe.

But you are right about Channing Tatum. That man's expression never. changes. He evokes the emotional range of a pebble.

JLG said...

I think she's a little over-exposed. I predict that she will be Hollywood's go-to quirky plain jane for a couple more years and then fizzle out.

Rogen, Hill, etc. are cashing in while they're funny. Adams is a serious actor and may want to slow down and choose her next roles carefully. Not to say that she hasn't to this point - but she'll be getting even more offers the next few years I'm sure.

Books,Coffee,etc.... said...

Hi! Fletch,
Wow...I can't hardly wait to read your thoughts on the film Julia &Julia...because I'am about to feature this film (Well, that is the novel, not the film) on my "W" word on my bookshopblog.

As the Animoto guys say,
Take care!
DeeDee ;-D

Ceri said...

I liked Amy Adams at one point but she's in danger of the Jude Law curse - the masses of films coming out in such a short period, everyone will start to hate her. I would be ignoring that film if it wasn't for Meryl though it does look pretty lame. Maybe I'll wait for the DVD release.

Nick said...

Just saw Perfect Getaway. You might actually like it, Fletch. Timothy Olyphant is really good in it. And it's not the horror/slasher that the trailer makes it to be. It's more of a slow-burn paranoid thriller, with the action picking up at the end.

Not to mention Timothy Olyphant makes a Nic Cage joke, which made me think of you.

whitney said...

I caught Cold Souls at Sundance and loved it. It made me laugh. I'll see it again when it comes to Salt Lake.

Fletch said...

Nick - "I don't think Amy Adams is over-exposed at all, especially when you look at and compare to people such as the Judd Apatow gang (Seth Rogen or Jonah Hill, for instance)."

3-4 flicks in a year for a supporting actor is no big deal in my eyes, but for a lead/2nd lead? I think that's a bit much. See: Nic Cage, John Travolta, Sam Jackson.

Listen, I'm not blaming Adams for any of this - I'm sure she made these films over the course of 2+ years; it's just that I we've been given a steady dose of her for the past 20 months or so, and I'm starting to feel like she's overexposed.

Ms. Go - what's up?

I haven't red much yet, but it seems like Joe isn't getting exctly trashed, but it ain't loved, either. Either way, I'm more than OK with waiting until HBO to catch it. I will say this, though - it's got a hell of a cast, all told. I love some of the supporting players: Said Taghmoui, Mr. Eko (I'm blanking on his name), Joe Gordon-Levitt, etc.

JLG - exactamundo.

DeeDee - 'fraid you won't be reading any Julia/Julie thoughts here anytime soon, if ever; I've spewed about as much as I have to spew on that one.

Ceri - my parents saw it and of course said that Streep was awesome, if that helps you at all. Sounds like it's probably a fun movie (and I like Stanley Tucci a lot), it's just that the subject matter doesn't interest me in the slightest.

Damn it - there I went and spoke more about that movie.

Nick - this is good news. It's still an unlikely theater pick for the Mrs. and I, but I'm glad for the actors' sake that it's not a piece o crap. :D

Oh, and Nic Cage jokes are always, always welcome.

Whitney - good to hear. I saw that EW gave Cold Souls an A-, so your words plus that have my interest level up very high on it. If only it were playing here...

Nick said...

To go with what Ms. Go was saying... G.I. Joe is a good "brainless" movie. It's not a must-see, but the action is actually really good.

But about A Perfect Getaway... yeah, I was surprised by how much I liked it (I actually like it more the more I think about it... and it is one of those movies where, albeit predictable, you still have to think about after it's over). There really isn't a whole lot to dislike about it... writing, acting, editing, cinematography... all good stuff. And like I said, Timothy Olyphant really steals the show.

Anywho, I'm putting my whole review up tomorrow (I've already posted something today).

Jenny said...

I fully FULLY agree about Timothy Olyphant. Well put, sir!

Fletch said...

But Jenny, who are you agreeing with? Much was said about Olyphant...

GI Joe and Perfect Getaway are now both on my "if we want to go to the movies and can't think of anything better" list, which ain't a bad place to be. After District 9, I can't think of anything better that I haven't already seen/want to see.

elgringo said...

Go see Cold Souls! Whitney at Dear Jesus saw it at Sundance...I missed it...and she's advocating big time for this flick's awesomeness.

Zach said...

Channing Tatum or Tanning Chatum or whoever the heck he is might be one of the worst, most overrated actors ever.