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Jul 27, 2009

Poll results; new poll

First of all, no, I couldn't fit every 'great' comedy of all time into the last poll, but I think I gave you all a great cross-section of some of the most beloved ones of the last 30 years or so, mixed in with a recent hit hailed as the greatest comedy of the year (The Hangover) along with some unintentional comedy classics that tickle my funny bone like few others (Road House, Bloodsport). Hell, I even threw in an awful movie (Little Man) to appease a fake internet pal o' mine who hails it as one of the best ever.

So what did y'all come up with? Well, a single clear favorite came through (The Big Lebowski, which received a vote from 37% of voters; voters could select up to three films each). The rest of the top five shaped up like this:

Team America: World Police - 27%
Dumb and Dumber - 25%
The Princess Bride - 25%
Groundhog Day - 25%

And three votes for Fletch! :D

New poll is another meta-poll. I look at my stats (traffic, feed subscriptions, Followers, etc.) and sometimes see things that seem to contradict each other. I won't get into specifics, but the question that came to me is "I wonder how many people come here and read but never comment?" So even if you are one of those people and you think that answering the poll question might violate your code of silence, do it just this once for me. Muchas gracias.

Update: See comments - we have a bonus poll.

7 people have chosen wisely: on "Poll results; new poll"

Mrs Fletch said...

Note: Nobody picked Roadhouse. Now can we stop watching it on cable every time it comes on?

Fletch said...

Oh no, you didn't. I feel like Kim Jong-Il, and the UN just sent you (Hans Brix [sic]) into my house to serve me a stern warning. You realize that's tantamount to a declaration of war, right?

Next thing I know, you're gonna make some disparaging comments about Bloodsport and/or Predator.

wiec? said...

mrs. wiec? doesn't understand how entertaining an hour or so of Roadhouse (with my snickering commentary) can be because she usually leaves the room in a huff and starts reading a book or something. she's turning her back on comedic gold. gold i tells ya.

i feel your pain Mr. Fletch.

Books,Coffee,etc.... said...

Hi! Mrs. Fletch,
I truly feel your "pain"...because I watched
RoadHouse "once" and I'am so sorry! Fletch, but I prefer to watch RoadHouse.
To be Cont...

The question for the Day: "Are you one of those people that comes here and reads but rarely comments?

Sometimes...because I'am a professional "lurker!"

(By the way, if you are, you should stop that and join the conversation. It'll make your day glorious.)

Ha!Ha!...I agree with you, wholeheartedly!...Lots of humour, playfulness,enlightment,informationabout films, stick people reviews, engaging and an enchanting host and hostess, etc, etc, etc...
...Oh! By the way, I did take part in your polls.

DeeDee ;-D

Nick said...

Yeah, I never comment around these parts...


*puts on lightning-proof gear*

RIPE Creative said...

Looks like the new poll results are 2 to 1 (in my favor) so far...

Reel Whore said...

Mrs. Fletch: It's mandatory to put down the motherflippin' remote! It's only ok to change from Roadhouse if you see Sam Elliot pull back his greasy mop while making a snide comment, you see Swayze go all tigerclaw on the main henchman, or when you hear Tinker say "a polar bear fell on me."

My dad would watch this movie everyday if he could.