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May 26, 2009

Tuesday's Twelve Tags #22

Last week's winner: Nick, with 11 points.
The theme: Each film features one of my Familiar Face-Unknown Name actors (and in order, too: FF-UN #1, Taylor Negron, was in The In Crowd, and so on). (Nick)

Here's the new dozen. The rules are simple: I'm going to give you a dozen taglines, all you have to do is name as many flicks that they belong to as you can. Try to resist the Google. Get the most and you win. There will always be a theme, though it's worth will vary according to how difficult I think it is. This week's theme is worth 9 points.

1. The Blues Are Back
2. The story of a lifetime.
3. It's not about the money. It's about the money.
4. The passion burns deep
5. A defense this dumb, has got to be a crime!
6. The first casualty of war is innocence.
7. More laughs. More music.
8. Changing the world... one word at a time.
9. A romantic comedy with the works.
10. He's looking for a few good men... or a few guys old enough to shave.
11. Registration starts Friday, June 13, at theaters everywhere.
12. A comedy about love at last glance.

As you get them right, I'll mark them as gotten and stuff. Good luck.

Justin - 6
Nick - 4
Jess - 3
J.D. - 2.5
Shane - 2
Sea_of_Green, Jason, Kyle - 1
Dead Pan - .5

Correct answers so far:
1. Blues Brothers 2000 (J.D.)
2. Forrest Gump (Alex)
3. Confidence (Justin)
4. St. Elmo's Fire (Justin)
5. Trial and Error (Justin)
6. Platoon (David S.)
7. More American Graffitti (Justin)
8. Akeelah and the Bee (J.D.)
9. Mystic Pizza (J.D.)
10. Major Payne (Justin)
11. Back to School (David S.)
12. Two Weeks Notice (Alex)
Theme - Each film features the song "Respect" by Aretha Franklin in it. (Nick)

13 people have chosen wisely: on "Tuesday's Twelve Tags #22"

David S. said...

6) Platoon
9) Something's Gotta Give
11) Back to School

Oh, and fletch, the popup thingy was actually that something was lodged inside my mouse. I only realized this after it opened 22 word documents. Everythings fine now.

J.D. said...

1. Blues Brothers 20008. Akeelah and the Bee9. Mystic Pizza, I think.

Fletch said...

David - good to hear about the mouse thing...for me and for you, in that you got it figured out.

You're 2-3.

J.D. - 3-3.

Alex said...

2. Forrest Gump
12. Two Weeks Notice

Justin said...

Alright, time to resume my position as winner of this game. . .

3. Confidence
4. St. Elmo's Fire
5. Trial and Error
7. More American Grafitti
10. Major Payne

Many of these (if not all) have actors in them that were on big television series (Forrest Gump - Tom Hanks - Bosom Buddies; Major Payne - Damon Wayans - several options; Trial and Error - Michael Richards - Seinfeld. . .)

Tell me I'm right!

Nick said...

Oh, I'm gonna be so mad if that's the theme... I guessed that exact theme last week.

Fletch said...

Justin - you are...in the lead, but not correct (breathe a sigh, Nick).

Here's your helping of hints: it's much harder than that, and it's not cast-based.

Nick said...

(It doesn't help that I've only seen 2 of the movies on the list).

Theme Guesses:

There's a focus on music.

There's a band in each movie.

Each movie has some kind of competition/tournament to be won?

Fletch said...

Nick - your dangerously warm with one of your guesses. That's all I'm saying.

Nick said...

Each movie has characters that are known/popular because of a competition that they won?

I know it has to do something with the competitions.

Nick said...

Haha, or not.

Each movie has the song "Respect" in it.

Fletch said...

Well done, my young padawan. Watch out, Justin - Nick's right on your tail...

Nick said...

Heck yeah!

If I keep this up for 2 more weeks, I'll finally surpass Justin!