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May 15, 2009

Survivor fans: two links to pass on...

Was checking out Survivor.com this morning. If you are a fan of the show, it's a great aggregator of recaps and live blogs (yes, like mine, which makes them the tops in my book). But you must see this...

Jeff Probst's recap of last night's show, from EW.com. Call me crazy, but it reads like a mirror to what I wrote last night. Jeff and I have a serious mind-meld going on right now - it's scary. And to those of you that don't like it, I got nothing for ya.

When Jeff Probst talks, E.F. Hutton even listens. Book it - Coach is gonna get his own show, and I am definitely watching it. He's going to be a multimedia star whose appeal extends beyond the Survivor world.

From E online, a Richard Hatch update. Sad or deserved? You be the judge.

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