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Apr 3, 2009

Survivor: Tocantins Episode 6 Recap / TGITDNMAR (4/3/09)

It's that time again for TGITDNMAR, which (obviously) stands for Thank God It's The Day New Movies Are Released.

It's also just past that time for a Survivor: Tocantins recap. No live blog last night, as I was hanging out with ma and pa at the rehab place my Dad is at for his back (and leg) and I didn't know if they'd have a network for me to tap into. If you're not a Survivor fan, please take this time as an opportunity to page down a bit to TGITDNMAR.

Anyway, pretty good episode last night. More Coach douchebaggery. More unintelligible J.T. gibberish. And some good challenges. Some random thoughts:

* The strong resemblance between Joe and Kevin Dillon is driving me batty. Joe is starting to become Johnny Drama in my mind whether he likes it or not, and I think it's influencing Mrs. Fletch as well, who thinks Joe is pretty dumb, and I'm pretty sure it has more to do with the Dillon connection than his gameplay.

* Speaking of Joe, he was on the short end of the stick with his tribemates last night, in what was essentially a no-win situation. Sure, I guess stabbing Sydney in the back wouldn't/couldn't have hurt him from a Jury standpoint, but at best it puts him as 5th or 6th "favorite" in any sort of alliance. Then again, not joining up with them pretty much puts him on an island, and his "hidden immunity idol" ain't gonna get him anywhere, and neither is his tepid friendship with Erinn.

* I didn't want the J.T./Joe/Buster/Taj/Sydney team (Jalapao?) to go to Tribal, but I'm glad that it was Sydney that went home. My favorites to this point are, in no order, J.T., Taj, Brendan, and Sierra, though I can't help but like Buster (Stephen) as well, but only because he reminds me of Buster (that's from Arrested Development, fools).

* Really? Sydney's a model? What am I missing here?

* And speaking of that "idol" that Joe found...the producers need to do something before next season. Yes, it was great, great fun watching Yau-Man make a fake idol (though I don't think that one was used, was it?) and it's high comedy whenever someone (especially if they're an ass like Randy from last season) tries to use a fake one and Jeff gets to throw it in the fire.

But it's getting old, isn't it? In fact, I think I'm sick of the hidden immunity idol concept in general. I guess it adds a bit of strategy to the game, but it seems all for show. Everyone that gets one is always afraid to play it, fearing that they'd just be voted out at the next Tribal Council, and everyone that doesn't have one is afraid to vote out the person that does, in the off (off) chance that that person plays it. What we're left with is the Survivor version of Chicken, and really - how much fun is Chicken without the cars? In this version, it equals much ado about nothing.

Here's my wacky concept that's sure to fail: give every contestant their own "hidden idol" at the start of the game, but don't tell them that everyone else has one. Sure to be deemed a failure down the road when one or more people dish about it to the other players and it's slowly revealed that they've all been punked. But just imagine the comedy potential for those first few weeks...

Alright...on to TGITDNMAR

The March to Box Office Madness starts today! Can you feel the excitement? If you haven't already sent in your bracket...well, you're too late, pretty much, unless you can get it to me by about 5:00 pm Friday. Good luck to all who are playing. Any scoring updates and/or news will be posted on the LAMB.

Fast and Furious
There's not a chance in hell that I'll be seeing this, as I've not seen any of the first three in the theater (or at all, for that matter). What can I say - I have an aversion to Paul Walker (and Jordana Brewster). But it's an interesting story, and I kind of hope it succeeds, if only for Vin Diesel's sake. I'm not totally sure why, but I like the guy and think he's talented somewhat, just hampered horribly by his own bouncer looks. Sure, they've gotten him pretty far in life, but the guy seems more typecast than Stallone ever was, and he can't seem to escape his own shadow.

So, for whatever reason (read: money), he's more or less returning to this franchise that he launched with his tail somewhat between his legs. Here's to Riddick 3, Vin. Or maybe Boiler Room 2.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing (in the theater): 1%

I haven't so much as seen a trailer for Adventureland, but I can *almost* tell from what little I've read that I am going to really enjoy it. It seems as though there's one really representative, really well-done film about every occupation, and this seems like it will be the one for theme park workers, so long as Superbad director Greg Mottola brings another helping of sweet mixed with slight raunch, all while keeping the humor intelligent.

The cast doesn't hurt, either. While I wish there were more supporting players along the lines of Joe LoTruglio or Ken Jeong involved, it's hard to complain about a film that features Ryan Reynolds and current comedy mainstays Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig, along with Squid and the Whale vet Jesse Eisenberg. Count me in.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing (in the theater): 90%

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Nick said...

Survivor: My current favorites are pretty similar to your own (in no specific order): J.T., Stephen, Brendan, and Sierra. Not big on Taj, though. She's fine. I don't hate her. But I don't like her as much as I like those others.

And I totally thought you were gonna make a Chicken reference to last season (the guy who got voted off first... "DAMN!").

Weekend movies: I'm excited about Fast & Furious. I like Vin, too. And did you hear? They ARE making a Riddick 3. I'm so freakin' excited. I've been waiting for this for years. I think David Twohy just finished the script not too long ago.

I also wanna see Adventureland, but only for two reasons: The director (because I loved Superbad) and Ryan Reynolds. And I agree... I'm sad that Ken Jeong isn't in it. And Joe LoTruglio would have made a great carnie-type character :P .

Anonymous said...

I've met doorknobs with better personalities than Sydney, and it was pretty pathetic of your boy Drama to try to keep her around hoping she'd get horny and hook up with him. Solid episode last night, looks like the underdogs could pull off some magic this season, and agreed the hidden immunity idol is pretty lame... why didnt they show the other girl trying to find hers at camp though? Must be saving her outting of Sierra having the idol until next week... keep up the good work Irwin.


steel11kane said...

Sorry to bust your balls about no Survivor blog. Didn't realize you were off on personal matters. My bad.

It was pretty funny that JT struggled in the immunity challenge this week after totally crushing Spencer about it last week. But no repercussions for JT.

It was funny when Jeff asked Sydney what her function in the tribe would be - and she really had no answer so tried to pick the total opposite of Taj.

As much as I would hate to see Brendan win, because technically he is already rich, he does seem to be playing the best game so far. Still haven't picked who I want to win - but he, Sierra and Tyson seem to be the front runners for me.

steel11kane said...

Also - heading out to see both of those movies today. A rare treat (two movies not on DVD) for me. Luckily the wife also wanted to see them - which is also very rare.

caffeine head said...

no matter how many times they remake Fast and Furious, Vin Diesel's best work will always be Chronicles of Riddick

Nick said...

caffeine: Incorrect, sir! Vin Diesel's best work will always be Pitch Black (his first outing as Riddick). Chronicles of Riddick is good, but not nearly as awesome as Pitch Black.

Robb said...

What, exactly, was Stephen thinking in suggesting they vote out Taj? She is his link to Brendan and Sierra, whom he is desperately going to need very, very soon. What I'm more interested in, is will Brendan and Sierra honor the alliance now that they are entering the merge with the power of numbers anyways? If they do they will piss off half of the jury against them. I don't even see Erinn being tempted to defect, since that would only force a risky tiebreaker and make her a target even earlier.

I kinda agree with your assessment about all these idols floating around. They are more fun when people USE THEM. Although it was funny watching JT turn from an alpha male to a cowering boot-licker once Taj promised him use of the idol. (And why did she? I can't decide if she is a mastermind three steps ahead of me or if she has absolutely no idea what she is doing at all.)

My biggest question for next week is if Erinn outs Brendan and Sierra as having the idol, or if they approach her first to keep her quiet.

Fletch said...

Nick - I definitely missed an easy Chicken/Damn reference. Shame on me.

So I take it you don't think Taj is the new Cirie anymore?

Gay - Cool, I didn't know you were watching Survivor this season. You'll have to take a shot at doing a guest live blog or recap for me one of these weeks. Sound good?

Great point about them not showing Erinn trying to go get her own hidden idol. Brendan/Sierra might not have been smart enough to make a fake, but yeah, you'd think Erinn would certainly be looking anyway.

Kano - you make a fair point about J.T., but the only thing I'll say that he had going for him was this: he took responsiblity without batting an eye, claiming it was his fault (though really, as if any of the others would have done better?) before anyone had a chance to blame him. Such self-deprecation usually leads to a lack of blame from other players.

Tyson's too weird for me...

Hope you enjoyed the (rare) double feature. Will be looking for reviews soon...

Caffeine head - I can't say that I've seen a coffee blog before. I'm not a coffee or tea drinker personally, but I like the idea. Any chance you can get Mrs. Fletch a discount on her beloved Iced Green Tea at Starbuck's? She's a hopeless addict...

As for Vin's best work...Chronicles is definitely up there. I'd submit Saving Private Ryan and Boiler Room, though. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Nick - would you believe I haven't seen Pitch Black yet? I suck. I do want to see it, but it's not something I ever remember, and the Mrs. won't be interested in it.

Robb - I remarked as I was watching the show how funny it was that the players just have their eyes glaze over when they get a whiff of that hidden idol. I didn't have the best analogy at the time, but I think I've got one now: remember at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when Elsa gets her mitts on the Grail? How all other thoughts in her pretty little head just went bye-bye? That's the Survivor players, high on the drug that is the hidden idol.

Farzan said...

Saw Fast & Furious and enjoyed it. Thought it was on par with the first film. Going to see it again tomorrow night with some more friends.