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Apr 23, 2009

Survivor: Tocantins Episode 10 Recap (live blog)

7:04: I think I just realized who Coach really is. I'm bursting, this is so perfect. It's...well, let's just say that he's in this video:

Is that perfect or what? He's totally Reed Rothchild! Coach with his line about benching (or pressing, I couldn't quite hear) 300 pounds while Brendan couldn't. What a jackass. Though I guess that means that "he's got the touch."

7:06: Speaking of jackasses, c'mon people - you really like Tyson? It's one thing to win, it's another to be a d*ck about it - rubbing it in Sierra's face, he flat out told her that he didn't think she was smart enough to have masterminded anything. Ugh. I'm officially 100% pro-J.T., and he's not even all that perfect himself.

7:13: The good news? Coach doesn't get to go on the Reward Challenge, which includes some Brazilian dance or something that Coach got a boner for. The bad news? Tyson does get to go. If Sierra had thought of it, she might've thrown the challenge on purpose...

7:17: OMG - Erinn was just allowed to speak via the confessional. I barely knew she was still on the show. At this stage in the game (8 people left), Erinn and Debbie have to be on the lower ranks of people we've 'gotten to know' on the show. I think Coach gets more screen time in one episode than both of them have gotten all season...combined.

7:20: Hey - how come the 'natives' are allowed to wear tank tops and sweats? Oh yeah - that's right...Brazil isn't a third-world country. The hut at the site of the challenge seems forced and fake all of a sudden.

7:22: Oh noes! Stephen is stuck on Exile "Island" again with no food or water. I hope he doesn't die, as he feared the last time he was out there.

7:24: When they showed us the previews for this episode last week, what with Sierra crying and Tyson being a jerk, it made it seem like she was really a victim. But her little crying fit just now was totally unjustified. She chose the wrong side - does she really think she can convince half the people there to up and change their mind and hop onto her team? And then to pout about it? Gimme a break.

7:29: I wonder if Coach watches samurai movies or Ronin and just rolls his eyes the whole time?

7:30: Nice touch by the producers with the super-sad music playing during that heartfelt exchange between Coach and his soon-to-be-adopted daughter Sierra. Well, that is, before he told her to "fall on her sword." I was almost in tears there...

7:35: Wow - that's a heartbreaker. Playing shuffleboard, a novel challenge that we haven't seen before, Sierra made a great play to put herself into the lead with only Debbie left to beat her, and beat her she did. Good drama there. But I do like that Tyson got pissed at the other guys for "not allowing him to eat." Dude, you had a choice just like everyone else.

7:42: Yet another red herring? Stephen, Taj and Erinn start up the Boot Tyson talk. Goddamn it, I'm sick of being teased with these game-changing strategic moves that never happen. I know commentor Robb is with me. Let's see this happen! (Of course, the fact that it's Tyson they're talking about just makes me want it to happen that much more, but that's besides the point.)

7:43: Did J.T. just say "warrior alliance?" He's just gone down a few pegs in my book. Then again, when talking about the potential of voting off Tyson (thereby disappointing Coach), he sure had a big ol' smirk on his face. Like I said last week, please please please please please.

7:47: Hahaha...Taj just crossed her eyes at whatever garbage Coach was spewing. His feathers? Spiritual. Honorable. Beautiful. Godlike.

7:49: Note to Taj: wear glasses all the time. They look good.

7:51: Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! That was beautiful. Was it Erinn that came up with that plan? If so, she's my new favorite player (of the week, anyway). Big, big ups to J.T., Taj, and Stephen as well. I CAN'T WAIT for Coachfest next week - it might be the best 60 minutes I've watched on TV this year. I'm giddy just to see the previews for next week, not to mention Tyson's Loser speech.

7:56: I'm disappointed he wasn't more bitter about being axed, though of course he got some Sierra digs in. Then again, he can call her dumb all day, all she's gotta do is point to the scoreboard. Should make for an interesting Final Council and Reunion show. Stay tuned...

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Nick said...

Yeah, I used to like Tyson, but he just became an uber-ass this episode. And did I miss something with Sierra? I don't see any backstabbing going on there. I just saw her going along with the plan that J.T. and the 'strong' alliance told her to go with, and then wasn't told the plan had changed. If so, everybody was just being a dick to Sierra for THEM not telling her 'nevermind on the Coach thing'.

And I'm not 100%, but I think it was Stephen who came up with voting off Tyson. Because right before it happened, my mom and I were like "Well... it's probably Sierra tonight," and then my mom was like "unless J.T. and Stephen come up with some shifty plan." And then right after, we see Stephen talking about voting off Tyson instead.

Stephen's always been one of my favorites. I used to really like J.T. (and for all intents and purposes, I still do), but I think I like Stephen slightly more, as J.T. had the tendency to be a bit of a jerk from time to time. And he likes Coach.

But my favorite part of the episode was Tribal during the vote readings... to see Tyson's face give that very slight change from smile to 'wtf' with his second vote against him, and Sierra's little head tilt of confusion... it was great.

RIPE Creative said...

I'm with you nice... I wish they would have done a split-screen with closeups of Sierra on the left and Tyson on the right. So we could fully appreciate the change in facial expressions as the votes were read.

RIPE Creative said...

Ugh, can't type. meant NICK :)

Robb said...

Fletch, your 7:29 comment had me in tears of laughter. You totally know its true.

And you are right, I totally thought the Tyson thing was a desperate trick, I'm sure my face looked a lot like Sierra when he read the second Tyson vote. (Frankly I didn't think JT had the balls to do it.) I liked Tyson, but he was a total dick this episode. But the reason I liked him is that he was both playing the game as well as playing to the cameras. He just got too cocky. I really don't know who to root for at this point, I kinda like most everybody left but then they've all disappointed at times too.

Next week should be totally awesome though, especially the walk back from council. Coach is gonna be pissed. I'm also curious what Debbie will think after her lecture to Sierra about making bad choices. I hope Sierra tells both of them that the only honorable thing to do now is fall on their sword.

I'm guessing next week will be Coach or Sierra going home, depending on who is more annoying at camp.

PS - they've played shuffleboard before. The girl who won the other Amazon season and married Africa Ethan won the challenge I think. (Damn I am a nerd.)

Fletch said...

Nick, I'm glad you've come to see the light in regards to Tyson. As Robb says, he was good for the show because he excelled at the game and played to the cameras, but he was going beyond Randy (last season) levels of assholishness here. And, like Mrs. Fletch pointed out, it's not like Sierra comes off (to us) as dumb, making his attitude and comments all the stranger. The show has seen many a dolt on it, but I never felt like she was one.

Stephen is just too pathetic to like. I don't know if you ever watched Arrested Development, but the Buster (Tony Hale) comparison is really scary. I want Stephen to say "Hey, brother" every episode, but he never does.

Robb - seriously, huh? I can definitely imagine Coach having to find his inner chi because those bozos in Hollywood just don't know shit about the Code.

I'm pleasantly surprised that J.T. did it. Coach is really gonna be disappointed in him. There might be a ceremony where he strips J.T. of his Warrior Badge.

Good call on the shuffleboard challenge. My memory for Survivor is usually pretty good, except when it comes to the players. I didn't recall that game.

Nick said...

I'm wondering if there's a lot behind the scenes that we aren't seeing, because Tyson wasn't the only person to call Sierra an idiot. Most of the tribe was doing it, too, including JT.

Kano said...

I have watched this show since nearly the beginning, and I am having a difficult time remembering if there was another time that someone was essentially saved - without having anything to do with it.

I have been a Sierra supporter from the start, and was ecstatic that she has made it this far. But, she really made no moves to try and get in on another alliance. She was just trying to pity herself back in through Tyson then Coach.

But, she gets saved out of the blue with the others (who she should have been talking to) making a great decision. I am sure it has had to happen before, but it was pretty remarkable.

I think the game is pretty much JT's unless he screws it up. He also has lost the vote of Coach, Tyson and possibly Debbie by breaking up the 'warrior' alliance.

Fletch said...

Kano - I agree with just about everything you say. The only thing I'm not sure of is J.T.'s chances for winning it all. If I were handicapping it, I might actually put Taj a little higher, as I can see her making the final three, and I can't imagine she has any real enemies.