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Mar 12, 2009

Survivor: Tocantins Episode 5 Recap (live blog)

Welcome to CBS Thursday - er, the Survivor live blog. Apropos of nothing, are you aware that "Coach" is just 37 years old? Am I the only one that could have sworn he was at least in his mid-forties? Maybe it's just the strong Steven Seagal vibe he gives off. Weird. Anyway, on to the the show...

7:03: You know that old "Possession is 90% of the law" axiom? Well, you bet your ass it works the same when it comes to Survivor. It seems as though every other season, one person is responsible for the finding of an immunity idol, then they give it to another player for strategic purposes, but as soon as that other person gets their mitts on it, they act as though it's all theirs. This time out, it's Steven - given the idol by Taj - that's already of the mind that the idol is 100% his. You sure you want that big girl turned against you, little man?

7:06: "Friday, it's the Ghost Whisperer episode you've been waiting for." You mean it's the series finale? No? Friggin' liars.

7:09: I tell ya...the "Charmin Cafe" is indeed shameless selling out (along the lines of the Home Depot tie-in some seasons back), but I'll take it over the lame "plings" and other cheesy effects they used two and three seasons ago. Anything's better than they were.

7:13: I think Mrs. Fletch, who's prone to motion sickness (very prone) almost got sick watching the contestants get made dizzy. Just so long as I don't have to avoid any vomit...

7:20: I wish I could be there live when the reward challenge winners get their letters. I want to see just how "edited" the segment is - do they really immediately turn into crying ninnies? Does Barbara Walters or Roy Firestone make a surprise appearance in order to get the waterworks turned on? C'mon, people - you've been out there less than two weeks. Gimme a friggin' break.

7:32: Damnit, I'm trying to do my part and play the "Which celebrity will Fletch compare a contestant to this week?," and I've got one in my head for Brendan, but I can't place who it is. I want to say a game show host from the recent past, but it just ain't coming to me.

7:38: Another physical challenge, another dominating performance by (the now short half-a-tooth) J.T. Time to stop playing so hard, J.T. - the "get rid of the physical threat" sharks will be circling soon.

7:47: Speaking of the Country Wonder, he's either the smartest person out there or one of the dumbest. In a tense group conversation with Spencer, Joe and Steven, J.T. had no problem telling Spencer straight up that either he or Taj should be the one to go. The guy obviously is not a bullshitter. Gutsy, for sure, but whether or not that works out for him long-term remains to be seen.

7:50: It's a shame that (insert tribe name here) lost at the Immunity Challenge. Aside from Sydney, who I have no feelings one way or another on, this is an appealing group and I'll be sad to see either Spencer or Taj go.

7:53: And it's Spencer, seemingly all based off of one lousy challenge performance. If only we could be rid of "Coach" this easily...

(Boy, that flew by.)

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Nick said...

I don't know about you, but J.T. went down a notch or two in the 'likeable' list. He was pretty much at the top position, but was just a total dick to Spencer. And then he kept saying how it was going to be Spencer... no, Taj... no, Spencer... no, Taj... and then tells Spencer to his face that it'll be either Taj or him. Ironically, this happened not too long after I tell my mother "I can't see J.T. voting off Spencer because he's gay... he's too nice of a guy to do that."

So instead, he votes him off because he had one bad challenge, while Taj is out there making a fool of herself, yelling at people for no apparent reason... and then proceeding to say that she doesn't care what any of the others think or if she hurt any of their feelings.

Otherwise, my only other thoughts on the episode were "Who the hell is Spencer?" and "Who the hell is that girl with the glasses?"

It's like they keep introducing new people that I swear I've never seen before.

Fletch said...

I don't know. J.T. was being a tad dickish, I suppose, but I can understand that he's uber-competitive and was pissed after the challenge, and I really think he was tossed up between Taj and Spencer, but I'm guessing that he and the rest of the gang were afraid to vote Taj (as they always are in this situation) because they feared she had the HII.

I did a quick double take with "the girl with the glasses" before recalling who she was. And I remembered Spencer. It was Sydney that I mostly forgot about.

Mrs Fletch said...

Nick ... Mr. Fletch is also uber-competitive, that's why he "gets" JT. But I think JT was just being a dick.

I keep telling Fletch he should sign up to be on Survivor, he'd be great at the social aspect (laying low) and good at the challenges too. Alas, his fear of anything with more than 4 legs appears to be too great.

Cesia said...

Brendan = Val Kilmer.

- Cesia.

Robb said...

Spencer was just really young, and awkward with the social aspect I think. It doesn't seem like anyone guessed he was gay, but I bet they could feel that they weren't connecting with him in a totally honest way either. Otherwise why not vote off Taj or Sydney, just because Spencer wasn't trying to be Superman like Tom Sawyer was, it wasn't like he was pathetic either. Too bad, he seemed interesting to me, but the more people we get rid of the more screen time we have for Coach, so I can deal.

No way Coach is 37. He may be 37 in Hollywood years, but he is mid-forties easy.