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Mar 5, 2009

Survivor: Tocantins Episode 4 Recap (live blog)

Well, this was supposed to be a live blog, but a lack of wi-fi at my current viewing residence has made that a difficulty, so this might not be "live" when you're reading it, but it was when I wrote it.

On to the live blogging:

7:01: I think Coach just choked while he was trying somewhat unsucessfully to swallow his pride and "offer up" the tribal leadership to Brendan. Of course, when it came to the confessional, he couldn't help but insist that it is him, in fact, that is the best out in nature and is the only real leader on the team. With an all-Coach start to this week's episode, could this be his week to leave?


7:10: I have to wonder how long this Reward Challenge actually took to film, with what looks like a hundred bags of sand placed on various players shoulders, with minutes between each "gift."

7:14: Okay, I know part of my job here is to constantly compare the contestants to celebrities, but I don't know if there's been a bigger resemblance than the one between contestant Joe and Entourage star Kevin Dillon. Look - even their poses are the same!

7:22: A decent challenge notwithstanding, I need to make a note to self: there is just not much of a need to watch this show for the first six weeks or so. There is a definite shortage of drama.

7:24: Of course, right as I was typing that, resident loon Sandy went off and pissed just about everyone on her tribe off. See, this is why I watch the show! She just got done going on a rant about her tribe's anonymous blonde chickie-poo, all up in arms because the boys are paying attention to the eye candy (and not to her?). Good stuff.

7:27: Taj. Sierra. Brendan. Steven. The Secret Exile Alliance! You know what? It sounds great and all, but call me when it works...

7:29: And the winner of this season's Crybaby Award...Erinn! Congratulations, Erinn. See, she just "can't relate" to any of her tribemates and just went on a jag about some bad breakup and blah blah blah.

Then again, she hates "Coach," so she does have that going for her.

7:34: I think I'd pay $50 to see Jeff dressed in a tuxedo for one challenge, just to see the looks and reactions from the contestants. They'd wouldn't know what the hell was up.

7:35: At this point in the game, there's not a single more appealing player than J.T. Smart, down-home, fast, strong as an ox (apparently - he tied a "weightlifting" record set by Survivor favorite and part-time pirate Rupert earlier in the show), and though he doesn't look like him all that much, he reminds me of Ryan Gosling, who I'm a fan of. Yep, I'm definitely rooting for J.T.

7:37: Whaddaya know - Sandy cost her team valuable time. If they lose, she has to be the one to go bye-bye, right?

7:40: With a Timbira win at Tribal Immunity, your pal and mine - Coach - will live to alienate another day. Which means...my Sandy prediction could indeed come true.

7:42: My parents keep switching back to American Idol during the commercial breaks. Yet another reason commercials are the work of the devil. Two minutes of that show is two too many for me to endure. Besides, Randy is a little pitchy.


Like I could resist.

7:44: What what what?!?! So, not only is Taj the wife of recently retired NFL player Eddie George, but she's also a "Former Pop Star" as the caption just stated? How did I miss this? In case you are now or ever were into R & B, she was a member of the girl group SWV (the acronym for the very boring official name Sisters With Voices). Oh, and she looked better when she was, um, less thick (that's her on the left). Not that she doesn't look good now, Eddie. Please don't hurt me.

7:45: Oh, and Mrs. Fletch just complimented Sandy's boobs. I don't know how I feel about this.

7:48: Boy, there's nothing I like more at Tribal Council than a discussion of Sydney's looks. Ug. This is awkward. And all because Sandy is somehow threatened and insecure. Give it up, Grams. Naturally, Taj stood her ground and, not surprisingly, Sydney came off as not too bright while defending her intellect. She also said that she had a "flirtatious personality." Tee-hee!

7:52: Booyah - bye-bye, bus driver! Though, who wrote down Joe's name? That was out of left field...

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Nick said...

I agree about J.T. He's my favorite thus far. Hopefully he doesn't get all snakey and unlikeable later on. My next favorite is shy dork, Steven.

Though, when Sydney first came on screen, I looked at my mom and went "...who is Sydney?" And then when she was shown again, we were both like "WHO IS SYDNEY?!" She just kinda came out of nowhere.

Oh, and I noticed another celebrity comparison. I think Sierra looks like a scrawnier version of Drew Barrymore.

Nick said...

Oh, and I don't see why you complain so much about Sierra. I like her (and her boobs... Mrs. Fletch has good taste :P ).

And yeah, the Taj-voting-for-Joe thing was bizarre.

Frank the Tank said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how Sydney looks at the reunion show.

Fletch said...

Nick - good call on the Sierra/Barrymore resemblance.

Re-read the comments about the boobs in my post. They ain't about Sierra...

From the looks of it, Taj may be on the outs with her tribe. Then again, she has the Genius Secret Exile Alliance, so she might be fine...or not.

Frank - Sydney, or Sandy? I know you've got a thing for those older ladies.

Buffett35 said...

They've always put "former pop star" as Taj's "occupation," but I too just found out that she was actually in a group that had some success (albeit a stupid name). I guess admitting that she's married to a former NFL star is better than admitting that they've probably all heard her singing on the radio. Either way, no one's gonna want to give her another million dollars.

I discovered her identity because of American Idol's big screw-up last night (yes, I watch it). It ran long, so anyone who Tivo'd it (me) missed the last person to make the top 12, and the big twist of adding a 13th to the top 12. Not that you care, but I thought you'd enjoy the fact that they pissed off millions of viewers. So anyway, I had to go watch "Prime Time In No Time" with Frank Nicotero to find out what happened, where I also learned of Taj's true identity.

Robb said...

I'm with ya on everything Fletch, definitely a placeholder episode. Still better than anything else though. And yeah, I bet Probst cleans up nice. lol