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Feb 26, 2009

Survivor: Tocantins Episode 3 Recap (live blog)

Wise programming move by CBS, selling an ad for the Beverly Hills Chihuahua DVD and for Ghost Whisperer right at the beginning of the show. After that, just about anything would look great. And with that, the episode three live blog begins!

7:06: First we meet Erin (Hairstylist), who I swear I've never seen before. Could be bad news for her; if she wasn't interesting before, what could make her interesting now except for being ousted?

7:08: I'm not exactly a fisherman, but does randomly throwing it on top of the water really work anywhere? Seems to me that you would either drag it or put it below the surface and then pull it up when there are fish above it. Do these people throw the bullets at deer when they go hunting, too?

7:10: Could we actually have two challenges this episode? It would appear so. Hallalujah!

7:15: Mmmm....golden corn showers.

7:17: Jalapao wins an interesting challenge in which the teams, blindfolded, had to fill buckets with water and then corn. Now if only I knew if I was rooting for Jalapao or not...though I think I am, as I see that "Coach" is on the losing team, and anything that brings us closer to his leaving has to be counted as a good thing. Craig T. Nelson, he is not.

7:22: That's right, folks..."Coach" doesn't just scream, he let's out "primal yells."

7:23: That's right, folks..."Coach" doesn't just tell everyone to not "go out there and trash talk everyone else," he immediately goes out and does exactly that. My hate level for this guy is at about 12 on a 10-point scale right now.

7:24: Sandy the Bus Driver + HDTV = Vomit.

7:27: Mrs. Eddie George has an evil, creepy laugh. That is all.

7:33: I don't mean to turn into Mr. Blackwell (R.I.P.) here or anything, but would it be too much to ask to get Sierra something to wear besides her striped dress/shirt thing? I'm just sick of looking at it. In other news, a good hybrid physical/puzzle challenge involving four foot tall cubes. I like it.

7:36: After losing yet another challenge, Timbira's "Coach" says "I'm through, I'm finished." One can only dream. However, Denny Green, in a confessional, takes chief responsibility for the loss due to weakness caused by illness. Somehow, I doubt he'll be the one to go.

7:44: Can Mormon Tyson ("Assistant Coach" to you, buddy) change his name to Sven, please? That's all I think when I look at him. He should be a staffer at the Matterhorn ride at Disneyland, helping to ease me into my tiny bobsled. Ooo yah!

7:47: Erin: "You don't want to look like you're trying to throw someone over the bus." Over the bus? Um, no. Try again.

7:48: Tyson: "I love seeing people cry...when you crush their dreams." Nice tribe we've got going here. Coming in episode five - murder! Perfect, since Survivor is immediately followed by CSI...

7:50: Jerry has HUUUUGE ears. That is all.

7:51: I'm curious to see who "Coach" and "Assistant Coach" really ended up voting for. With four votes, Jerry was voted out, with only one vote for Erinn shown, which was Jerry's. But I maintain that if the producers can eke any more drama out of a vote reading, they do - meaning that if there were more votes for Erinn, we would have seen them. Did Coach and Tyson end up voting for Jerry or did the producers skip a chance to draw out the vote reading? Of course, by the time I end up typing all this, I'm pretty much have my answer.

7:56: Fletch = supergenius! "Coach," for all his hatred spewing toward Erinn, ended up sticking with the rest of the tribe and voted for Jerry. What an ass.

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Nick said...

I'm relatively sure Jerry (or "Denny Green," as you called him) was the one to proclaim that he was through/finished, not Coach.

Nick said...

Also... one of us misheard, because I'm also pretty sure she said under the bus, not over...

Fletch said...

Damnit, Nick - you're wrong on both counts. ;)

But seriously, I think I am right...

Frank the Tank said...

I heard the same as Nick.

Fletch said...

Ok, I went to cbs.com and watched both clips, and I have to say...


Such are the dangers of live-blogging, I suppose. Mea culpa. I was wrong on both counts.

That's right, I said it: I. Was. Wrong.

Enjoy it - it won't happen often. :D

Robb said...

Remember when votes against you at tribal could be counted later to be used for a tie-breaker? I miss that rule. It made voting a lot more strategic, even if the fire-building thing has worked out generally well. (Better than the retarded colored rock crap.)

I kinda guessed Jerry was going when he said the vote would get rid of the "weakest" player. He knew. Erinn might not be smart to take on Coach like that, but you can't really say she was weak.

Nick said...

Ha! I was right and Fletch was wrong! I was right and Fletch was wrong!


Okay, I'm done.

Anonymous said...

Whoa ease up on my girl Sierra, shes the only relatively hot one on the show, and that stripey dress/shirt really does it for me


Anonymous said...

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