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Feb 12, 2009

Survivor: Tocantins Episode 1 Recap (Live Blog!)

The live blog returns with the new season. Let's get this show on the road.

7:00 First fun fact of the new season: Tocantins is in Brazil. Friend of Blog Cabins WampaOne is also in Brazil. Wampa, please head on over to Tocantins and cover the season of Survivor for us, ok?

7:01: So, uh, how hard would it be to hold a straight face as one of the contestants sitting in the back of that truck while Jeff tries to spit out his "39 DAYS! 16 CONTESTANTS! ONLY ONE SURVIVOR!" spiel? I felt bad for Probst there...

7:04: 110 degrees? Please. Come to Phoenix, babies.

7:08: An interesting but overall unfair twist to the game, as two players (one from each tribe) were seemingly voted out, only to be later told that they instead escaped the long trek to their camps. To the producers' credit, they didn't send these poor victims of old age and illness (respectively) home, but by having them even miss the brutal trek, they will be resented by their tribemates immediately.

7:14: Well, Probst didn't lie in his "ad" to Entertainment Weekly. Less than 15 minutes in, and it seems as though this is indeed a very appealing cast. There's much more to "Granny" than meets the eye, "Coach," while pretentious, is nevertheless interesting, and the down-home kid from Alabama seems much cannier than his voice might have you believe. I'm impressed thus far.

7:22: Ok, I take it back. Granny's a bit...uh...loopy. Maybe there is, in fact, less than meets the eye.

7:24: Coach, is that you?

Or are you perhaps the evil henchman from Road House (Marshall Teague)? (Good photo not found.)

7:32: "What's a pace?" Quote of the year thus far. Granny, thanks for making me look like an ass.

7:36: Is it just me, or is the Hispanic Kristen Bell pregnant? For her sake, I hope she is. Though, to Nick's credit (see comment in previous post), she is a dead ringer for Bell, if Bell had black hair.

7:38: 120 degrees? Please. Come to Phoenix -- er, actually, 120 degrees really, really sucks. Even if you're indoors.

7:46: Joe = Kevin Dillon. Army guy on the other tribe = Denny Green. Sierra kind of equals Blake Lively. "Coach" = Lorenzo Lamas. Sweet - it's the season of celebrity impersonators! More awkward and/or inaccurate comparisons to be made in the coming weeks.

7:47: I've figured it out! After Granny was shown going up to NOT a palm tree when told to go do a palm tree, it's obvious that she just has problems identifying four-letter words that start with the letters "pa." I hope she doesn't have to carry a "pale" "part" while searching for an idol or anything.

7:49: Jeff: "Sandy, are you a little crazy?" The quote of the year lasted less than 20 minutes. Impressive work, Probst.

7:53: Oh, sweet irony! Here we are on the first episode of Survivor: RachelTicotin, and a Hispanic female gets voted out. Rachel would not be pleased.

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Nick said...

Again, don't forget the reincarnation of 'Cirie' and the pudgy Hispanic version of Kristen Bell.

And the Alabama guy reminded me a lot of that one actor from the Dawn of the Dead remake who played one of the security mall cops.

But yeah, a lot of the cast is pretty memorable this early on, which is rare.

Fletch said...

Have yet to see the Dawn remake (or the original, for that matter). You know, me and zombie flicks aren't exactly the best of friends...

Wendymoon said...

The "what's a pace" thing was ridiculously great, but I also loved the guy talking about the tiaras for men. "Do they make those?"

Nick said...

haha, I agree with Wendy. I couldn't remember the exact quote, but that was my favorite line of the episode (the tiara one).

As for the Dawn guy, the actor's name is Michael Barry, but I couldn't find a picture of him. I did, however, find a YouTube clip. Of course, you don't have to watch the whole thing... the guy I'm talking about comes in at about 14 seconds. He doesn't sound like the Alabama guy, but looks a bit like him. Anywho...


Nick said...

Oh, and by the way...

I could have sworn that every time Jeff said 'Tocantin' that he was actually saying 'Token Cheese'.

And that everytime he said "Jalapoa" he actually said "Doggy Paddle."

WampaOne said...

MTFBWY Fletch,

Fun fact: I "don´t need" to go over to Tocantins: I live in the capital city, that was built in the 60´s inside the the state of Goias, where Tocantins used to be, and now is a separate state.

I don´t watch reality tv though...I stick to stories that happened a long, long time ago.

Frank the Tank said...

Sandy desperately needs her medication. I've never seen anyone switch moods so quickly. Laugh, cry, anger, back to laugh all in three seconds.

Freddy said...

Also, the awkward dude with the glasses on the Red team is a dead ringer for Buster on AD.

Robb said...

Thank goodness for Tivo, as we had company on Thursday night, so I just got caught up. While last season had it's moments, it still felt a little lackluster to me. Most seasons, the first four or so episodes are gimmes, a chance to get to know people but when not much that interesting happens because there are just too many people. But this season seems promising. The twists got me interested right away, and things never slowed down. "What is a pace?" You, my darling, are TV gold. I'm not a fan of Shane-crazy, but she is disarmingly charming. While also crazy.

The cast is one of the least attractive casts they've had in a long while, but so far the personalities seem to have a lot of potential. I'm pretty excited.

Guess I'll decide next week whether I'm gonna blog on my own, or maybe I'll just bug you with comments. :)

Fletch said...

Nick - I can definitely see the resemblance to the Dawn guy with the Alabama guy. Good call.

Wampa - you lost me. So are you near Tocantins or not? You're in Brasilia, right? Keep in mind, I know almost nothing of Brazilian geography.

And MTFBWY, too. Always.

FTT - Sandy's definitely a keeper. I still can't believe Jeff asked her if she was a little bit crazy...

Freddy - Hey, brother...

I'm been seeing a lot of Tony Hale lately...been watching Stranger than Fiction recently, though I keep falling asleep.

Robb - I think you mean "Thank Tivo for Tivo." Previous commenter Frank worships Tivo on the level of a deity. ;)

The cast may be unattractive in terms of your department, but I think many of the women look just fine.

I'll be keeping an eye on your blog. Hoping you do them, but having you here would be a welcome sight regardless. Maybe you can just commit to pinch-hitting for me once in a while? :D

Nick said...

The cast as a whole might be unattractive, but I already have my required 'one crush per season based solely on looks'. Sierra (sick girl) is hot... and I don't just mean her fever.

Robb said...

I didn't mean it was an ugly cast or anything. But there doesn't seem to be an Amanda among them. (No comment on the lack of a JP. heh)

And yeah, my blog is up. My baby sister asked me where my post was, and I couldn't let her down, now could I? :)

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