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Feb 10, 2009

Poll results; new poll

My favorite part of the last poll? That someone actually answered the option that read "Beats the crap outta me - I only came here via a Google Image Search." I can only hope that it really was someone that came here that way and not someone else just having fun with my options.

Anyway, thanks for providing me with some meta-feedback. I need that every now and then...though I will not be starting that wood whittling blog that two people suggested. I said "Good day!"

The new poll is up. With the new season of Survivor starting in just two days, and with my recaps (apparently) being a popular feature, I'll be doing them again. But I'm curious as to what percentage of readers here actually watch the show. I can't imagine it being more than 20%. We'll see...

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steel11kane said...

I watch the show, obviously, and from what I have been hearing from Jeff Probst - this season is supposed to be one of the best ever.

I am, however, a DVR watcher - I don't enjoy watching shows live anymore, unless they are sporting events - so, I don't usually read your recap until after I watch on Friday.

But, I love the recaps either way - so I am glad you pulled them out of the mothballs.