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Jan 16, 2009

Imagining even more sequels that will never happen...

(For past installments of this feature, click here.)

Wow, has it really been 5 months since I did one of these? Time to get to know an old friend all over again...

The setup: It's a favorite pastime of mine to come up with sequel names for movies that will either never be made due to performance, critical response, or just because of their subject matter. Apply a healthy dose of massively awesome MS Paint Skillz™ and voila! Anyway, here's the latest batch:

This is pretty much just for Mrs. Fletch, taken from her favorite joke from Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.

Seriously, Harv. Last time. I mean it.

And, of course, stay tuned for the shocking conclusion to the trilogy, I've Loved You So Longest. Il est un tres trés trés longtemps, or something like that.

Rachel Getting An Annulment sounds better but just doesn't fit as nicely on the poster.

Rachel Getting a Movie in Which She Stars would be nice, too. Poor Rachel.


My favorite real movie of this bunch, and probably my favorite fake one, too. Sometimes it's the simple things.

Get it?

If you don't, just ask. I or someone else will 'splain.

Such a perfect title. They'd never make a sequel to something like this. Nope, never ever ever.

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Nick said...

Sorry... I don't get the Delgo 2 joke.

Anders said...

haha "Men on Wire" deserved a chuckle.

NoirishCity.... said...

Fletch said, "My favorite real movie of this bunch, and probably my favorite fake one, too. Sometimes it's the simple things. ..."

I just received a copy of this film! LOL!!...that is funny!

Since I just entered the ""blogosphere" world, this is my first time checking out your "sequel that will never happen" post.
dcd ;-O

Fletch said...

Nick - it's entirely possible that it's only funny to me, but considering that Delgo holds claim to being one of the biggest flops of all time, the thought of a sequel at all was funny to me, even without a goofy title.

Thanks, Anders. Chuckles are all that I'm after.

DCD - be sure to let me know what you thought of MOW. It's one of my favorites this year.

Linda said...

Men on Wire cracks me up. Funny feature, nice job!

Nick said...

Fletch: ha, I was wondering if it was something like that.

Farzan said...

I hate how movie studio's have lost their originalty. Whats up with the remakes and sequels that arent needed.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Love love love the Men on Wire one. Beautiful! I think I actually cackled when I saw it.

NoirishCity.... said...

Fletch said, "DCD - be sure to let me know what you thought of MOW. It's one of my favorites this year."

Hi! Fletch,
"F" is for Finally, and not for your's and the "Missus" initial.

Yes, I finally, did watch the film "Man on the Wire"
and all I can say is...Wow!..I will watch this film (documentary)again!

Film Reviewer, Peter Danish said,” the end, what kind of man risks his life “dancing” on a cable one quarter of a mile above the earth? Crazy? Arrogant? Conceited? Foolish? You must draw your own conclusions, in that respect, Man on Wire leaves you hanging."

My own conclusion, Monsieur Phillippe Petit, exhibited... such (btw, read this part with a French accent..)...such bravery, such dedication, and being a very highly intelligent man (Who(m) risked his life!)because he had a very "strong" will and determination to "challenge" himself constantly, from childhood (constantly, climbing) to adulthood. (Trekking back forth on a "wire" between the Twin Towers.)

Merci! Beaucoup!
DarkCityDame ;-O

Reel Whore said...

Nice Jackée love! She don't get no respect.

Smellblind - funny! Though. Men on Wire was the best overall. Did you see Petit's interview on Colbert?

Fletch said...

I did not see that interview. Was it recent?

I've been bad with my Colbert viewing lately...

Reel Whore said...

I thought it was last week. Yep! Here's the link:


Fletch said...

That was great - thanks for the link, Wayne. Colbert's getting crazy with the special f/x...

Reel Whore said...

No prob. Those were some Peabody-worthy f/x weren't they?

Anonymous said...

What the world needs now is more Jackée references.